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First issue5 January 2010

Melodymag (a contraction of Melody Magazine) is a Persian online music magazine that consists of an image gallery, multimedia content, and Radio Melody. Melodymag covers Iranian and World music news and introduces Iranian and World musicians, singers and bands. It was established on 5 January 2010 as a music magazine.


This online magazine founded by some multimedia journalists who have been aided by musicians and music experts. Multimedia Journalism is a new approach in journalism which utilizes the abilities that the Internet provides for the journalist to create a report. It uses the new journalism methods to edit the subjects fluently and eloquently so that even people who are not music specialists would be able to benefit the subject.


Analyzing, criticizing, introducing and broadcasting the important events in the music world inside and outside of Iranian borders, could be pointed as Melodymag purposes. The Melodymag team includes some journalists and radio producers, getting help from artists from a variety of music genres. The Melodymag team has been trained professionally and tries to avoid oriented reports and present subjects dispassionately due to stepping forward in musical culture Excellency for Persian-speaking people.

Melodymag won the best website for report on the first music websites and weblogs festival held by music house (khaneye musighi) in March 2011 and was nominated for best online magazine and best music website at the fourth Iran web festival in January 2012

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • Iranian Music Websites Festival
    • Best Reporting 2011 (won)
  • Web Festival
    • Best Online Magazine (nominated)
    • Best Music Website (nominated)


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