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Melon (band)
Origin New York
Genres New wave, post-punk, synthpop, funk
Years active 1980s
Associated acts Water Melon Group
Group of Gods
Love T.K.O
Major Force
Hajime Tachibana & the Low Powers
Past members Chica Sato
Gota Yashiki
Prince Kudou
Toshio Nakanishi

Melon was a group formed by former The Plastics members Toshio Nakanishi and Chica Sato. When The Plastics broke up in 1982, Toshio went to New York City and formed Melon with friends Percy Jones of Brand X, Dougie Bowne of The Lounge Lizards, and Bernie Worrell of Funkadelic and Chica Sato, former vocalist of The Plastics, trying to merge funk with Japanese and became known as a quirky, exotic, pop band. Chica’s appearances in Toshi’s projects since Melon have dwindled, but Toshio continues collaborating music acts, changing sounds and names: Tycoon Tosh, Group of Gods, Love T.K.O., Major Force and Skylab being some of the most often used.



  • Do You Like Japan? (1982) Alfa Records
  • Do The Pithecan - Happy Age (1984) (12", Pin) Fuzz Dance Records
  • Deep Cut (1987) Epic Records
  • Hardcore Hawaiian (1987) Epic Records
  • Shinjuku Bladerunner (1987) Alfa Records, Inc.
  • Do You Like Japan? (2005) Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.


  • "Serious Japanese" (1985) Ten Records Ltd. (10 Records)
  • "The Gate of Japonesia" (1987) Epic Records

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