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Melon Dezign was an Amiga demoscene group founded in Denmark on October 21, 1991 by Seen (Henrik Lund Mikkelsen) and Paleface (Jacob Gorm Hansen). Originally, they were a subgroup of Crystal, where they at first exclusively created intros for cracked games. Shortly after the formation, they were joined by Bannasoft (Johan Kjeldgaard-Petersen), and after helping organise The Party, a demo event with more than 1200 attendees, several other members joined, including Walt, Mack, Performer, Audiomonster in France, Mikael and Benjamin in Norway and Mark Knight otherwise known as TDK in the UK.

Melon Dezign's logo

The group was notable in the scene for their focus on design: this meant seamless transitions and less focus on impressive algorithms, although several of their productions gained high placings in competitions. Often, a Melon Dezign intro would feature a simple vector-based graphic (such as their logo) on a bichrome background, where other scene groups at the time would have their vector graphics inside a window or as the only thing on screen[citation needed]. Their recognizable logo was also a recurring factor in their productions, where other groups often featured several different, even within the same production.

Paleface and Seen produced the game Naughty Ones which was released in 1994 by Interactivision. The AGA version of Naughty Ones was cracked by Crystal (though released under the Paradox label; the OCS version was cracked by a group called Kingdom).


Amiga demos[edit]

  • Easter Conference (1992), 1st place, Humantarget [1]
  • The Party (1992), 1st place, Tetris Intro
  • Assembly demo party (1993), 3rd place, Romantic Demo [2]
  • The Computer Crossroad party (1993), 3rd place, How to Skin a Cat [3]
  • Kindergarden (1995), 2nd place, Melkedemo [4]
  • Somewhere In Holland (1995), 1st place, "Planet M." [5]
  • Somewhere In Holland (1995), 2nd place, "Baygon" [6]

PC demos[edit]

After the demoscene[edit]

The French part of the group (Walt and Alex) is now a web design company, specialising in commercial production of Flash animation. The Danish members have been involved in various web and games projects, such as the Hitman games from IO Interactive. TDK, having worked for Mindscape International, Bullfrog Productions, Electronic Arts, Visual Science, and Codemasters, released his first chiptune album, entitled Reawakening, on December 9, 2012. He left Codemasters in 2017 to form his own company, Sonic Fuel.[1]

There is no 'after the demoscene'. The Demoscene is for life ... if you quit the scene, you're just standing by to return ;)

— Torben 'Steel' Vesterager

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