Melon soup

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Melon soup
Soupe melon brochettes mozza.jpg
A melon soup with skewers of melon balls, Mozzarella balls and meat
Serving temperatureHot or chilled
Main ingredientsMelon
VariationsBitter melon soup
A cold melon soup with garnishes

Melon soup is a soup prepared with melon as a primary ingredient.[1] Melons such as bitter melon, cantaloupe, crenshaw melon, honeydew (casaba melon) and winter melon may be used,[1][2][3] among others. Some melon soups are prepared with whole pieces of melon, and others use puréed melon.[2] Some are served hot, while others are served chilled.[4] Some cold varieties are prepared without any cooking involved.[5] Several styles and varieties of melon soups exist, including bitter melon soup, cantaloupe soup and winter melon soup,[6][7][8] among others. The origin of some melon soup recipes may cross international boundaries.[clarification needed]


Bitter melon soup[edit]

Bitter melon soup is prepared using bitter melon as a primary ingredient, and is a part of Chinese cuisine.[6] In Cantonese, bitter melon is referred to as "the cooling melon," using the term leung gwa.[6] In the region of China's Pearl River Delta, bitter melon soup is prepared from fresh melons during the summer, and also from dried bitter melon powder during other seasons.[6] It may be prepared including fish such as bass or carp.[6]

Cantaloupe soup[edit]

Cantaloupe soup is prepared with cantaloupe as a primary ingredient. It may be prepared in puréed form and is typically served chilled.[7][9] It is sometimes referred to as muskmelon soup. Cantaloupe soup may be served as a first course or starter dish prior to a main course.[7][9] The use of well-ripened cantaloupe can create an optimal texture and enhance the sweet flavor of the soup.[9] Additional ingredients can include lime juice, lemon juice, apple juice, orange juice, salt, pepper, herbs such as mint or basil, cayenne pepper and balsamic vinegar.[7][9][10] Spicy versions may be prepared using chili peppers.[11] A cantaloupe soup recipe using one large cantaloupe melon, one-half cup orange juice and one-quarter cup of honey has 147 calories per one-cup serving.[10]

Watermelon soup[edit]

Watermelon soup is prepared with watermelon as a primary ingredient, and may be served chilled.[12] The seeds of the watermelon may be removed, or seedless watermelon may be used, and additional ingredients can include additional fruits, ginger, chili pepper and sugar.[12][13][14]

Winter melon soup[edit]

Winter melon soup is prepared with winter melon as a primary ingredient[8][15] and is a part of Chinese cuisine[16] and the cuisine of Hong Kong.[17][18] It is served often at Chinese banquets.[19] Winter melon soup may have a slightly sweet flavor.[15] Some recipes may use several ingredients in addition to winter melon,[8] which may include ham, carrot, mushrooms[16] and chicken.[20] Winter melon soup may be served hot, yet has been described as having a cooling effect upon the body when consumed.[18]

The soup was recorded in the volume thirty-four of Sheng Ji Zong Lu(Chinese: 聖濟總錄)[21]

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