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Melona box and bars.jpg
TypeIce milk
Place of originSouth Korea
Region or stateAsia
Revised RomanizationMerona

Melona is a South Korean flavored ice pop, manufactured by the Binggrae Co. Ltd. Although the product is called "Melona" and is identified by its melon flavor, the ice pop also comes in other fruit flavors. Each 80 ml/2.7 fl oz bar contains 130 kcal of energy as of 2009.[1]

Popularity and availability[edit]

Melona was introduced in 1992.[2] Melona is generally sold in convenience stores in South Korea. According to data from Family Mart, Melona was its eighth most popular product sold in 2007.[3]

It can also be found in increasing numbers of stores around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Paraguay, Philippines, China, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Vietnam and New Zealand, usually in Asian markets or Korean retail outlets only.


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