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Meloni Thawne-Allen
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Impulse #23 (March 1997)
Created by Mark Waid (script)
Humberto Ramos (pencils)
Wayne Faucher (inks),
In-story information
Supporting character of Bart Allen
Abilities None

Meloni Thawne-Allen is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, and the mother of the superhero Impulse. She first appeared in Impulse #23 (March 1997). She was created by writer Mark Waid and artists Humberto Ramos.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Meloni is a native of the 30th Century (which is, among other things, the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes) and is the daughter of President Thawne, a descendant of the Reverse Flash and Cobalt Blue. She is married to Don Allen, son of Barry Allen (who was living in the 30th century with his wife Iris Allen) and one of the Tornado Twins. Their marriage brought to an end the long-standing feud between the two super-speedy families. When their son Bart Allen is born, it is discovered that the super-speed powers he has inherited from his ancestors also cause him to age at an accelerated rate. President Thawne has Bart placed in a virtual reality to keep him from going insane, and to allow scientists to find a cure. Meloni is told that Bart died during the invasion of Earth by the Dominators (the same aliens that killed her husband and his twin sister).

Bart is eventually freed by his grandmother Iris West, who sends him back to the 20th century where he is cured of his rapid aging by the third Flash. When Meloni later discovers that he is alive, she travels to the 20th century to retrieve her now-teenaged son, but eventually lets him remain in the past.[1]

It is revealed in Flash #224 (December 2005) that Meloni is the mother of Owen Harkness, formerly Owen Mercer, the new Captain Boomerang, having conceived him by the original Boomerang while he was trapped in the 30th Century. It is unknown whether she gave birth to Bart or Owen first, or how Owen made it back to our own time.

It was revealed in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #3, that Meloni, Bart, and his cousin Jenni and her father Jeven, all originated from New Earth. Some time ago, Barry Allen's rival Professor Zoom tried to the destroy the relationship between Don and Meloni, and their family, so Don and Dawn used the Cosmic Treadmill to hide on Earth-247 (the original home of the post-Zero Hour Legion). This calls into question the actual heritage between Meloni and President Thawne.


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