Melos (Cervello album)

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Melos cervello.jpg
Studio album by Cervello
Released 1973
Recorded 1973
Genre Progressive rock
Label BMG Records

Melos is a progressive rock album released in 1973 by the Italian band Cervello.

The lyrics focus around an interpretation of the singing from a Greek mythology point of view. The music is a successful fusion of Mediterranean sounds with typical complex progressive rock ones, as well as with experimental parts. Flutes are dominant in much of the songs, as four members of the band played that instrument.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Canto del capro" – 6:30
  2. "Trittico" – 7:14
  3. "Euterpe" – 4:27
  4. "Scinsione (T.R.M)" – 5:39
  5. "Melos" – 2:52
  6. "Galassia" – 5:45
  7. "Affresco" – 1:11


  • Corrado Rustici - guitar, vibes, flute, voice
  • Giulio D'Ambrosio - flute, saxophone
  • Gianluigi Di Franco - voice, flute, percussions
  • Remigio Esposito - drums
  • Antonio Spagnolo - bass, acoustic guitar, recorder


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