Melting Pot (film)

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Melting Pot
Directed by Tom Musca
Written by Mark Kemble
Tom Musca
Cinematography Arturo Smith
Distributed by A-Pix Entertainment, Ardustry Home Entertainment LLC
Running time
104 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Melting Pot, also known as Race, is a 1998 feature film directed by Tom Musca (notable writer and producer of Stand and Deliver). Gustavo Alvarez (Paul Rodriguez) is a Latino house painter who resides in Los Angeles. His wife (Annette Murphy) urges him to compete for a seat on the city council now that Councilman Jack Durman (Cliff Robertson) has retired from politics. Alvarez decides to run but soon realizes that it will not be an easy fight. His opponent, Lucinda Davis (CCH Pounder), is an experienced black politician who is eager to win. As the campaign intensifies, things get nasty, and a race war nearly erupts.


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