Melting in the Dark

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Melting in the Dark
Studio album by Steve Wynn
Released 1995
Genre Alternative rock
Label Brake Out/Zero Hour Records

Melting in the Dark is an album by Steve Wynn recorded with a backing band consisting of all the members of Come.


Shortly before making the record, bassist Sean O'Brien and drummer Arthur Johnson quit Come, making this album's recording sessions the last time the original lineup of Come ever recorded together.[1]


Steve Wynn (vocals)

Thalia Zedek (guitar. backing vocals)

Chris Brokaw (guitar)

Sean O'Brien (bass)

Arthur Johnson (drums)

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Why"
  2. "Shelley's Blues"
  3. "What We Call Love"
  4. "Drizzle"
  5. "Angels"
  6. "Epilogue"
  7. "Silence Is Your Only Friend"
  8. "Stare It Down"
  9. "Smooth"
  10. "For All I Care"
  11. "Way You Punish Me"
  12. "Down"
  13. "Melting In The Dark"


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