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In the fictional Macross setting, Meltlandi or Meltlan is the term for female Zentradi, a giant humanoid alien warrior race segregated by gender.

Quimeliquola Queadluun-Rau, the standard issue Meltlandi mecha from "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?" in Milia Fallyna's colors.

In the first Macross T.V. animated series, the female Zentradi collaborated with the male Zentradi in Space War I against the Humans, but the two genders were segregated into separate fleets to prevent direct interaction.[1][2][3] The segregated fleets shared the same ship types (with different color schemes), but employed different armor and vehicle complements.[2][3] Neither the word "Meltlandi" nor any derivative was coined or used in this series.

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love movie re-imagined the female Zentradi as their own faction fighting against the male Zentradi for millennia.[4] The movie also introduced the term "Meltlan" as the term for "female" in the Zentradi language (a language created for the movie). The corresponding term in the Zentradi language for "male" is "Zentran".[3]

The later series Macross 7, incorporated the term "Meltlan" in its dialogue to refer to female Zentradi. The liner notes for the series explained the term was popularized among Humans by a 2031 movie depicting Space War I.

Probably the best known female Zentradi is Milia Fallyna Jenius, the most renowned Zentradi pilot that the humans have encountered.

Meltlandi Commander Chlore (right) and her advisor Tranquil (left) from the Macross 7 Encore OVA "Fleet of the Strongest Women".

The spelling and pronunciation of these terms is difficult to interpret, as the Japanese language uses a series of characters that split the difference, phonetically, between the English letters "L" and "R", and thus can be transliterated as either. It has been reported that "Meltlandi" is the spelling used on official material for The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? film.

Notable Meltrandi: