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Central African rifts: Melut Basin near center.

The Melut Basin is a rift basin in South Sudan. It is situated in the states of Upper Nile and Jonglei, south of the capital Khartoum and east of the river Nile. The Basin contains several hydrocarbon accumulations, although oil exploration, as elsewhere in Sudan, has been hindered by conflict. The largest oil field in the Basin is the Great Palogue Field with estimated reserves of 900 million barrels. The Melut oil export pipeline travels 1,380 km from Palogue to Port Sudan on the Red Sea, and has been on stream since June 2006.[1]

The export pipeline is also known as the PetroDar Pipeline after the name of the consortium which operates it.[2] Crude oil from the Melut Basin is known as "Dar Blend" and is refined at Port Sudan.[3]

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