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Melvin is a masculine given name and surname, likely a variant of Melville and a descendant of the French surname de Maleuin and the later Melwin.[1] It may alternatively be spelled as Melvyn or, in Welsh, Melfyn and the name Melivinia or Melva may be used a feminine form. Of Norman French origin, originally Malleville, which translates to "bad town," it likely made its way into usage in Scotland as a result of the Norman conquest of England.[2][3] It came into use as a given name as early as the 19th century, in English-speaking populations.

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  • Melvin Irvin (1942-2014), African-American politician
  • Melvin R. Laird, Sr. (1877-1946), American politician
  • Melvin R. Laird (1922-2016), American politician and writer
  • Melvin Maas (1898–1964), U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  • Melvin J. Miller (1919-1974), American farmer and politician
  • Melvin McQuaid (1911–2001), member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Melvin Steinberg (born 1933), American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Maryland from 1987 to 1995




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