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Melvin Konner
Melvin Konner closeup.jpg
Born (1946-08-30) August 30, 1946 (age 74)
Alma materBrooklyn College, CUNY, Harvard University, Harvard Medical School
Scientific career
FieldsAnthropology, behavioral biology
InstitutionsHarvard University, Emory University
ThesisInfants of a foraging people (1973)

Melvin Joel Konner (born 1946) is an American anthropologist who is the Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University.[1] He studied at Brooklyn College, CUNY (1966), where he met Marjorie Shostak, whom he later married and with whom he had three children.[2][better source needed]

From 1985[3] on, he contributed substantially in developing the concept of a Paleolithic diet and its impact on health, publishing along with Stanley Boyd Eaton,[4][5] and later also with his wife Marjorie Shostak[6] and with Loren Cordain.[7]

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, Konner has stated that he lost his faith at age 17.[8]

Selected bibliography[edit]

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