Melvin Mooney

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Melvin Mooney

Melvin Mooney (1893–1968) was an American physicist and rheologist.

Mooney was born in Kansas City, Missouri.[1] He achieved a A.B. degree from the University of Missouri in 1917 and PhD in physics from the University of Chicago in 1923.[1] He worked for the United States Rubber Company.[1]

He developed the Mooney viscometer (used to measure Mooney viscosity) and other testing equipment used in the rubber industry. He also proposed the Mooney-Rivlin solid constitutive law describing the hyperelastic stress–strain behavior of rubber. He was the first recipient of the Bingham Medal from the Society of Rheology in 1948.[1] He received the Charles Goodyear Medal in 1962. He is the namesake of the Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award of the American Chemical Society Rubber Division.[2]


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