Members of the Australian House of Representatives, 1901–1903

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This is a list of the members of the Australian House of Representatives in the First Australian Parliament, which was elected on 29 and 30 March 1901. There were 75 members, as required by the Constitution, as near as possible to twice the number of Senators which was then 36. South Australia and Tasmania had not been divided into electoral divisions in 1901 which resulted in the particular state voting as a single electorate, with each elector casting seven votes. The seven candidates with the highest votes were elected.

Member Party Electorate State First elected
Frederick Bamford Labor [1] Herbert Qld 1901
Rt Hon Edmund Barton Protectionist [2] Hunter NSW 1901
Lee Batchelor Labor SA 1901
Sir Langdon Bonython Protectionist SA 1901
Rt Hon Sir Edward Braddon Free Trade [3] Tas 1901
Thomas Brown Labor Canobolas NSW 1901
Norman Cameron Free Trade Tas 1901
John Chanter Protectionist Riverina NSW 1901
Austin Chapman Protectionist Eden-Monaro NSW 1901
Francis Clarke Protectionist Cowper NSW 1901
Alfred Conroy Free Trade Werriwa NSW 1901
James Hume Cook Protectionist Bourke Vic 1901
Hon Joseph Cook Free Trade Parramatta NSW 1901
Samuel Cooke Free Trade Wannon Vic 1901
Richard Crouch Protectionist Corio Vic 1901
George Cruickshank Protectionist Gwydir NSW 1901
Hon Alfred Deakin Protectionist Ballarat Vic 1901
George Edwards Free Trade South Sydney NSW 1901
Richard Edwards Protectionist Oxley Qld 1901
Thomas Ewing Protectionist Richmond NSW 1901
Andrew Fisher Labor Wide Bay Qld 1901
Rt Hon Sir John Forrest Protectionist Swan WA 1901
James Fowler Labor Perth WA 1901
George Fuller Free Trade Illawarra NSW 1901
Hon Sir Philip Fysh Protectionist Tas 1901
Paddy Glynn Free Trade SA 1901
Arthur Groom Free Trade Flinders Vic 1901
William Henry Groom [4] Protectionist Darling Downs Qld 1901
Robert Harper Protectionist Mernda Vic 1901
H.B. Higgins Protectionist Northern Melbourne Vic 1901
Hon Frederick Holder Free Trade/Independent SA 1901
Billy Hughes Labor West Sydney NSW 1901
Hon Isaac Isaacs Protectionist Indi Vic 1901
Thomas Kennedy Protectionist Moira Vic 1901
Rt Hon Charles Kingston Protectionist SA 1901
John Kirwan Free Trade Kalgoorlie WA 1901
William Knox Free Trade Kooyong Vic 1901
Hon Sir William Lyne Protectionist Hume NSW 1901
James McCay Protectionist Corinella Vic 1901
James McColl Protectionist Echuca Vic 1901
Charles McDonald Labor Kennedy Qld 1901
Thomas Macdonald-Paterson Protectionist Brisbane Qld 1901
Sir Malcolm McEacharn Protectionist Melbourne Vic 1901
Allan McLean Protectionist Gippsland Vic 1901
Francis McLean Free Trade Lang NSW 1901
Hon Sir William McMillan Free Trade Wentworth NSW 1901
Hugh Mahon Labor Coolgardie WA 1901
Chester Manifold Protectionist Corangamite Vic 1901
Samuel Mauger Protectionist Melbourne Ports Vic 1901
King O'Malley Labor Tas 1901
Jim Page Labor Maranoa Qld 1901
Alexander Paterson Independent Capricornia Qld 1901
Pharez Phillips Protectionist Wimmera Vic 1901
Frederick William Piesse [5] Free Trade Tas 1901
Alexander Poynton Free Trade/Labor SA 1901
Sir John Quick Protectionist Bendigo Vic 1901
Rt Hon George Reid [6] Free Trade East Sydney NSW 1901
James Ronald Labor Southern Melbourne Vic 1901
Dr Carty Salmon Protectionist Laanecoorie Vic 1901
William Sawers Protectionist New England NSW 1901
Thomas Skene Free Trade Grampians Vic 1901
Bruce Smith Free Trade Parkes NSW 1901
Sydney Smith Free Trade Macquarie NSW 1901
Elias Solomon Free Trade Fremantle WA 1901
Vaiben Louis Solomon Free Trade SA 1901
William Spence Labor Darling NSW 1901
Josiah Thomas Labor Barrier NSW 1901
Dugald Thomson Free Trade North Sydney NSW 1901
Rt Hon Sir George Turner Protectionist Balaclava Vic 1901
Frank Tudor Labor Yarra Vic 1901
David Watkins Labor Newcastle NSW 1901
Chris Watson Labor Bland NSW 1901
James Wilkinson Independent Moreton Qld 1901
William Wilks Free Trade Dalley NSW 1901
Henry Willis Free Trade Robertson NSW 1901


  • At the time of the 1901 election, the states of Tasmania and South Australia had not yet been divided into electoral divisions. There were seven Members for South Australia, and five Members for Tasmania.
^ There was no national Labor Party organisation at the time of the 1901 election. Members categorised as "Labor" were endorsed by their various state Labor parties.
^ There was no national Protectionist party organisation at the time of the 1901 election. Members categorised as "Protectionist" were those who accepted the leadership of Edmund Barton.
^ The Free Trade Party, then known as the Australian Free Trade and Liberal Association, was the only national political party at the 1901 election.
^ William Henry Groom died in 1901, and was replaced by Littleton Ernest Groom at the resulting by-election on 14 September.
^ Frederick Piesse died in 1902, and was replaced by William Hartnoll at the resulting by-election on 26 March.
^ Rt Hon George Reid resigned in 1903, and was re-elected to his seat at the resulting by-election on 4 September.