Members of the Australian House of Representatives, 1929–1931

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This is a list of the members of the Australian House of Representatives in the 12th Australian Parliament, which was elected at the 1929 election on 12 October 1929. The incumbent Nationalist Party of Australia led by Prime Minister of Australia Stanley Bruce in power since 1923 with coalition partner the Country Party led by Earle Page was defeated by the opposition Australian Labor Party led by James Scullin. Labor won with its then largest-ever majority in the federal parliament. However major divisions within the Labor over policy responses to the Great Depression, and the subsequent creation of the United Australia Party led to thirty parliamentarians changing their party affiliation in 1931.

Party changes in 1931
Lang Labor Change to Lang Labor
UAP Change to United Australia Party
Independent Change to Independent
Member Party after 1929 Election Party at 1931 Election Electorate State Term in office
Hon Frank Anstey Labor Labor Bourke Vic 1910–1934
James Bayley Nationalist UAP Oxley Qld 1917–1931
Hon Jack Beasley Labor Lang Labor West Sydney NSW 1928–1946
George Bell Nationalist UAP Darwin Tas 1919–1922, 1925–1943
Hon Arthur Blakeley Labor Labor Darling NSW 1917–1934
Hon Frank Brennan Labor Labor Batman Vic 1911–1931, 1934–1949
Donald Charles Cameron Nationalist UAP Brisbane Qld 1919–1931, 1934–1937
Malcolm Cameron Nationalist UAP Barker SA 1922–1934
Hon Ben Chifley Labor Labor Macquarie NSW 1928–1931, 1940–1951
Percy Coleman Labor Labor Reid NSW 1922–1931
Bernard Corser Country Country Wide Bay Qld 1928–1954
Richard Crouch Labor Labor Corangamite Vic 1901–1910, 1929–1931
Hon Charles Culley Labor Labor Denison Tas 1928–1931
Lou Cunningham Labor Labor Gwydir NSW 1919–1925, 1929–1931
John Curtin Labor Labor Fremantle WA 1928–1931, 1934–1945
John Cusack Labor Labor Eden-Monaro NSW 1929–1931
John Eldridge Labor Lang Labor Martin NSW 1929–1931
Hon James Fenton Labor UAP Maribyrnong Vic 1910–1934
Hon Frank Forde Labor Labor Capricornia Qld 1922–1946
Josiah Francis Nationalist UAP Moreton Qld 1922–1955
Charles Frost[1] - Labor Franklin Tas 1929–1931, 1934–1946
Moses Gabb Labor Independent Angas SA 1919–1925, 1929–1934
Sydney Gardner Nationalist UAP Robertson NSW 1922–1940
George Gibbons Labor Labor Calare NSW 1929–1931
Hon Albert Green Labor Labor Kalgoorlie WA 1922–1940
Roland Green Country Country Richmond NSW 1922–1937
Hon Henry Gregory Country Country Swan WA 1913–1940
Hon Henry Gullett Nationalist UAP Henty Vic 1925–1940
Allan Guy Labor UAP Bass Tas 1929–1934, 1940–1946
Charles Hawker Nationalist UAP Wakefield SA 1929–1938
Hon William Hill Country Country Echuca Vic 1919–1934
Hon Jack Holloway Labor Labor Flinders Vic 1929–1951
Rt Hon Billy Hughes Independent/Australian Party UAP North Sydney NSW 1901–1952
James Hunter Country Country Maranoa Qld 1921–1940
Rowley James Labor Lang Labor Hunter NSW 1928–1958
Paul Jones Labor Labor Indi Vic 1928–1931
Richard Keane Labor Labor Bendigo Vic 1929–1931, 1938–1946 (S)
William Killen Country Country Riverina NSW 1922–1931
Andrew Lacey Labor Labor Grey SA 1922–1931
Hon John Latham Nationalist UAP Kooyong Vic 1922–1934
Bert Lazzarini Labor Lang Labor Werriwa NSW 1919–1931, 1934–1952
Arthur Lewis Labor Labor Corio Vic 1929–1931
William Long Labor Labor Lang NSW 1928–1931
Hon Joseph Lyons Labor UAP Wilmot Tas 1929–1939
George Mackay Nationalist UAP Lilley Qld 1917–1934
Hon Norman Makin Labor Labor Hindmarsh SA 1919–1946, 1954–1963
Dr William Maloney Labor Labor Melbourne Vic 1904–1940
Walter Marks Independent/Australian Party UAP Wentworth NSW 1919–1931
Hon Charles Marr[2] Nationalist UAP Parkes NSW 1919–1929, 1931–1943
George Martens Labor Labor Herbert Qld 1928–1946
James Mathews Labor Labor Melbourne Ports Vic 1906–1931
George Maxwell Independent/Australian Party UAP Fawkner Vic 1917–1935
Charles McGrath Labor UAP Ballaarat Vic 1913–1919, 1920–1934
Hon John McNeill Labor Labor Wannon Vic 1922–1925, 1929–1931
Hon Edward McTiernan[2] Labor - Parkes NSW 1929–1930
William McWilliams[1] Independent - Franklin Tas 1903–1922, 1928–1929
Hon Parker Moloney Labor Labor Hume NSW 1910–1913, 1914–1917, 1919–1931
Arthur Morgan Nationalist UAP Darling Downs Qld 1929–1931
Walter Nairn Nationalist UAP Perth WA 1929–1943
Harold George Nelson[3] Labor Labor Northern Territory NT 1922–1934
Hon Sir Earle Page Country Country Cowper NSW 1919–1961
Archdale Parkhill Nationalist UAP Warringah NSW 1927–1937
Hon Thomas Paterson Country Country Gippsland Vic 1922–1943
John Price Labor UAP Boothby SA 1928–1941
John Prowse Country Country Forrest WA 1919–1943
Edward Charles Riley Labor Labor Cook NSW 1922–1934
Edward Riley Labor Labor South Sydney NSW 1910–1931
Darby Riordan Labor Labor Kennedy Qld 1929–1936
Albert Rowe Labor Labor Parramatta NSW 1929–1931
Rt Hon James Scullin Labor Labor Yarra Vic 1910–1913, 1922–1949
Hon Percy Stewart Country Progressive Independent Wimmera Vic 1919–1931
Hon Ted Theodore Labor Labor Dalley NSW 1927–1931
Victor Thompson Country Country New England NSW 1922–1940
James Tully Labor Labor Barton NSW 1928–1931
Eddie Ward[4] - Lang Labor East Sydney NSW 1931, 1932–1963
David Watkins Labor Labor Newcastle NSW 1901–1935
John West[4] Labor - East Sydney NSW 1910–1931
Thomas White Nationalist UAP Balaclava Vic 1929–1951
George Edwin Yates Labor Labor Adelaide SA 1914–1919, 1922–1931


  1. ^ a b Independent member William McWilliams died on 22 October 1929; Labor candidate Charles Frost won the resulting by-election on 14 December.
  2. ^ a b ALP member Edward McTiernan resigned on 19 December 1930 to be appointed to the High Court of Australia; Nationalist candidate Charles Marr won the resulting by-election on 31 January 1931.
  3. ^ At this time, the member for the Northern Territory could only vote on matters relating to the Northern Territory.
  4. ^ a b ALP member John West died on 5 February 1931; Labor candidate Eddie Ward won the resulting by-election on 7 March.


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