Members of the Australian House of Representatives, 1974–1975

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This is a list of members of the Australian House of Representatives from 1974 to 1975.[1] On 18 May 1974 a double dissolution of both Houses was held. All 127 seats in the House of Representatives, and all 60 seats in the Senate were up for election. The incumbent Australian Labor Party led by Prime Minister of Australia Gough Whitlam defeated the opposition Liberal Party of Australia led by Billy Snedden and Coalition partner the Country Party led by Doug Anthony.

Member Party Electorate State Term in office
Evan Adermann Country Fisher Qld 1972–1990
Rt Hon Doug Anthony Country Richmond NSW 1957–1984
John Armitage Labor Chifley NSW 1961–1963, 1969–1983
Hon Lance Barnard 1 Labor Bass Tas 1954–1975
Hon Kim Beazley Sr. Labor Fremantle WA 1945–1977
Adrian Bennett Labor Swan WA 1969–1975
Joe Berinson Labor Perth WA 1969–1975
Robert Bonnett Liberal Herbert Qld 1966–1977
John Bourchier Liberal Bendigo Vic 1972–1983
Hon Lionel Bowen Labor Kingsford-Smith NSW 1969–1990
Hon Gordon Bryant Labor Wills Vic 1955–1980
Mel Bungey Liberal Canning WA 1974–1983
Alan Cadman Liberal Mitchell NSW 1974–2007
Hon Dr Jim Cairns Labor Lalor Vic 1955–1977
Hon Kevin Cairns Liberal Lilley Qld 1963–1972, 1974–1980
Sam Calder CLP Northern Territory NT 1966–1980
Hon Clyde Cameron Labor Hindmarsh SA 1949–1980
Don Cameron Liberal Griffith Qld 1966–1990
Hon Dr Moss Cass Labor Maribyrnong Vic 1969–1983
Joan Child Labor Henty Vic 1974–1975, 1980–1990
Hon Don Chipp Liberal Hotham Vic 1960–1977
Gareth Clayton Labor Isaacs Vic 1974–1975
John Coates Labor Denison Tas 1972–1975
Barry Cohen Labor Robertson NSW 1969–1990
Fred Collard Labor Kalgoorlie WA 1961–1975
David Connolly Liberal Bradfield NSW 1974–1996
Hon Rex Connor Labor Cunningham NSW 1963–1977
James Corbett Country Maranoa Qld 1966–1980
Hon Jim Cope Labor Sydney NSW 1955–1975
Hon Frank Crean Labor Melbourne Ports Vic 1951–1977
Manfred Cross Labor Brisbane Qld 1961–1975, 1980–1990
Hon Fred Daly Labor Grayndler NSW 1943–1975
Ron Davies Labor Braddon Tas 1958–1975
John Dawkins Labor Tangney WA 1974–1975, 1977–1994
Peter Drummond Liberal Forrest WA 1972–1987
Nigel Drury Liberal Ryan Qld 1949–1975
Gil Duthie Labor Wilmot Tas 1946–1975
Dr Harry Edwards Liberal Berowra NSW 1972–1993
Bob Ellicott Liberal Wentworth NSW 1974–1981
Hon Kep Enderby Labor Canberra ACT 1970–1975
John England Country Calare NSW 1960–1975
Hon Dudley Erwin Liberal Ballaarat Vic 1955–1975
Hon Dr Doug Everingham Labor Capricornia Qld 1967–1975, 1977–1984
Hon David Fairbairn Liberal Farrer NSW 1949–1975
Peter Fisher Country Mallee Vic 1972–1993
John FitzPatrick Labor Darling NSW 1969–1980
Hon Dr Jim Forbes Liberal Barker SA 1956–1975
Hon Malcolm Fraser Liberal Wannon Vic 1955–1984
Ken Fry Labor Fraser ACT 1974–1984
Bill Fulton Labor Leichhardt Qld 1958–1975
Hon Victor Garland Liberal Curtin WA 1969–1981
Horrie Garrick Labor Batman Vic 1969–1977
Geoffrey Giles Liberal Angas SA 1964–1983
Rt Hon John Gorton Liberal Higgins Vic 1968–1975
Bill Graham Liberal North Sydney NSW 1949–1954, 1955–1958, 1966–1980
Dr Richard Gun Labor Kingston SA 1969–1975
Hon Bill Hayden Labor Oxley Qld 1961–1988
Arthur Hewson Country McMillan Vic 1972–1975
John Hodges Liberal Petrie Qld 1974–1983, 1984–1987
Hon Mac Holten Country Indi Vic 1958–1977
John Howard Liberal Bennelong NSW 1974–2007
Hon Ralph Hunt Country Gwydir NSW 1969–1989
Chris Hurford Labor Adelaide SA 1969–1988
John Hyde Liberal Moore WA 1974–1983
Ted Innes Labor Melbourne Vic 1972–1983
Ralph Jacobi Labor Hawker SA 1969–1987
Bert James Labor Hunter NSW 1960–1980
Alan Jarman Liberal Deakin Vic 1966–1983
Dr Harry Jenkins Sr. Labor Scullin Vic 1969–1985
Keith Johnson Labor Burke Vic 1969–1980
Hon Les Johnson Labor Hughes NSW 1955–1966, 1969–1984
Hon Charles Jones Labor Newcastle NSW 1958–1983
Hon Bob Katter Sr. Country Kennedy Qld 1966–1990
Paul Keating Labor Blaxland NSW 1969–1996
Hon Bert Kelly Liberal Wakefield SA 1958–1977
Len Keogh Labor Bowman Qld 1969–1975, 1983–1987
John Kerin Labor Macarthur NSW 1972–1975, 1978–1993
Hon James Killen Liberal Moreton Qld 1955–1983
Hon Robert King Country Wimmera Vic 1958–1977
Dr Dick Klugman Labor Prospect NSW 1969–1990
Tony Lamb Labor La Trobe Vic 1972–1975, 1984–1990
Bruce Lloyd Country Murray Vic 1971–1996
Tony Luchetti Labor Macquarie NSW 1951–1975
Philip Lucock Country Lyne NSW 1952–1980
Stephen Lusher Country Hume NSW 1974–1984
Hon Phillip Lynch Liberal Flinders Vic 1966–1982
Michael MacKellar Liberal Warringah NSW 1969–1994
Ian Macphee Liberal Balaclava Vic 1974–1990
Vince Martin Labor Banks NSW 1969–1980
Race Mathews Labor Casey Vic 1972–1975
David McKenzie Labor Diamond Valley Vic 1972–1975
Hon John McLeay Jr. Liberal Boothby SA 1966–1981
Rt Hon William McMahon Liberal Lowe NSW 1949–1981
Tom McVeigh Country Darling Downs Qld 1972–1988
Clarrie Millar Country Wide Bay Qld 1974–1990
Peter Morris Labor Shortland NSW 1972–1998
Hon Bill Morrison Labor St George NSW 1969–1975, 1980–1984
Allan Mulder Labor Evans NSW 1972–1975
Kevin Newman 1 Liberal Bass Tas 1975–1984
Martin Nicholls Labor Bonython SA 1963–1977
Hon Peter Nixon Country Gippsland Vic 1961–1983
Frank O'Keefe Country Paterson NSW 1969–1984
Max Oldmeadow Labor Holt Vic 1972–1975
Hon Dr Rex Patterson Labor Dawson Qld 1966–1975
Hon Andrew Peacock Liberal Kooyong Vic 1966–1994
Len Reynolds Labor Barton NSW 1958–1966, 1969–1975
Joe Riordan Labor Phillip NSW 1972–1975
Eric Robinson Liberal McPherson Qld 1972–1990
Hon Ian Robinson Country Cowper NSW 1963–1981
Philip Ruddock Liberal Parramatta NSW 1973–2016
Gordon Scholes Labor Corio Vic 1967–1993
Ray Sherry Labor Franklin Tas 1969–1975
Rt Hon Ian Sinclair Country New England NSW 1963–1998
Rt Hon Billy Snedden Liberal Bruce Vic 1955–1983
Tony Staley Liberal Chisholm Vic 1970–1980
Hon Frank Stewart Labor Lang NSW 1953–1979
Hon Tony Street Liberal Corangamite Vic 1966–1984
John Sullivan Country Riverina NSW 1974–1977
Ray Thorburn Labor Cook NSW 1972–1975
Hon Tom Uren Labor Reid NSW 1958–1990
Ian Viner Liberal Stirling WA 1972–1983
Laurie Wallis Labor Grey SA 1969–1983
Hon Bill Wentworth Liberal Mackellar NSW 1949–1977
Bob Whan Labor Eden-Monaro NSW 1972–1975
Hon Gough Whitlam Labor Werriwa NSW 1952–1978
Ralph Willis Labor Gellibrand Vic 1972–1998
Ian Wilson Liberal Sturt SA 1966–1969, 1972–1993
Mick Young Labor Port Adelaide SA 1974–1988
1 Labor member Lance Barnard resigned on 2 June 1975; Liberal candidate Kevin Newman won the resulting by-election on 28 June 1975.


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