Members of the Australian Senate, 1983–1985

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This is a list of members of the Australian Senate from 1983 to 1985. It consisted of ten senators for each of the six states of Australia and two senators representing each of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. All members were elected at the 1983 election following a double dissolution of both houses of parliament, rather than the normal case of only half of the state senators facing election. Senators took their seats immediately following the election on 5 March 1983. Half of the state senators terms thus expired on 30 June 1985, with the other half expiring on 30 June 1988. Territory senators terms expire with the House of Representatives.

Senator Party State or territory Years in Office
Brian Archer Liberal Tasmania 1975–1994
Hon Dr Peter Baume Liberal New South Wales 1974–1991
Flo Bjelke-Petersen National Queensland 1980–1993
Nick Bolkus ALP South Australia 1981–2005
Ron Boswell National Queensland 1983–2014
John Button ALP Victoria 1974–1993
Hon Sir John Carrick Liberal New South Wales 1970–1987
Hon Fred Chaney Liberal Western Australia 1974–1990
Bruce Childs ALP New South Wales 1980–1997
Hon Don Chipp Democrat Victoria 1977–1986
Noel Crichton-Browne Liberal Western Australia 1980–1996
John Coates ALP Tasmania 1980–1996
Ruth Coleman ALP Western Australia 1974–1987
Stan Collard National Queensland 1975–1987
Dr Mal Colston ALP Queensland 1975–1999
Peter Cook ALP Western Australia 1983–2005
Dr Rosemary Crowley ALP South Australia 1983–2002
Hon Peter Durack Liberal Western Australia 1970–1993
Ron Elstob ALP South Australia 1977–1987
Gareth Evans ALP Victoria 1977–1996
Jack Evans Democrat Western Australia 1983–1985
Dominic Foreman ALP South Australia 1980–1997
George Georges ALP Queensland 1967–1987
Arthur Gietzelt ALP New South Wales 1970–1989
Patricia Giles ALP Western Australia 1980–1993
Hon Dr Don Grimes ALP Tasmania 1974–1987
Hon Dame Margaret Guilfoyle Liberal Victoria 1970–1987
Janine Haines Democrat South Australia 1977–1978, 1980–1990
David Hamer Liberal Victoria 1977–1990
Brian Harradine Independent Tasmania 1975–2005
Jean Hearn ALP Tasmania 1980–1985
Robert Hill Liberal South Australia 1981–2006
Don Jessop Liberal South Australia 1970–1991
Gerry Jones ALP Queensland 1980–1996
Bernie Kilgariff CLP Northern Territory 1975–1987
Misha Lajovic Liberal New South Wales 1975–1985
Austin Lewis Liberal Victoria 1976–1993
David MacGibbon Liberal Queensland 1977–1999
Graham Maguire ALP South Australia 1983–1993
Dr Michael Macklin Democrat Queensland 1980–1990
Kathy Martin [1] Liberal Queensland 1974–1984
Colin Mason Democrat New South Wales 1977–1987
Hon Doug McClelland ALP New South Wales 1961–1987
Gordon McIntosh ALP Western Australia 1974–1987
Hon Tony Messner Liberal South Australia 1975–1990
Alan Missen Liberal Victoria 1974–1986
Warwick Parer [1] Liberal Queensland 1984–1999
Cyril Primmer ALP Victoria 1971–1985
Peter Rae Liberal Tasmania 1967–1986
Robert Ray ALP Victoria 1981–2008
Margaret Reid Liberal Australian Capital Territory 1981–2003
Margaret Reynolds ALP Queensland 1983–1999
Graham Richardson ALP New South Wales 1983–1994
Ted Robertson ALP Northern Territory 1975–1987
Susan Ryan ALP Australian Capital Territory 1975–1988
Hon Douglas Scott National New South Wales 1970, 1974–1985
Kerry Sibraa ALP New South Wales 1975–1978, 1978–1994
Michael Tate ALP Tasmania 1977–1993
Baden Teague Liberal South Australia 1977–1996
Michael Townley Liberal Tasmania 1970–1987
Peter Walsh ALP Western Australia 1974–1993
Shirley Walters Liberal Tasmania 1975–1993
John Watson Liberal Tasmania 1978–2008
Rt Hon Reg Withers Liberal Western Australia 1966, 1967–1987
Olive Zakharov ALP Victoria 1983–1995
  1. ^ a b Queensland Liberal Senator Kathy Martin resigned on 5 November 1984. Warwick Parer was appointed as her replacement on 22 November.
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