Members of the IV. German Reichstag (Weimar Republic)

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The German parliament or Reichstag that was elected in the general election of May 1928 and sat until that of September 1930 was the fourth parliament of the Weimar Republic.

Social Democratic Party of Germany[edit]

In German the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, SPD.

German National People's Party[edit]

In German Deutschnationale Volkspartei, DNVP.

Later formed CNAG[edit]

These DNVP members later merged with CNBL to form the Christian National Labor Society (Christlich-Nationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft, CNAG).

Centre Party (Germany)[edit]

In German Zentrum.

Communist Party of Germany[edit]

German People's Party[edit]

German Democratic Party[edit]

Reich Party of the German Middle Class[edit]

In German the Reichspartei des deutschen Mittelstandes. Later renamed the Economic Party, Wirtschaftspartei in German.

Bavarian People's Party[edit]

National Socialist German Workers' Party[edit]

Christian National Farmers and Countryfolk Party[edit]

In German the Christlich-Nationale Bauern- und Landvolkpartei, CNDL. This party later mergered with dissident DNVP members to form the Christian National Labor Society (Christlich-Nationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft, CNAG)

German Farmers Party[edit]

German-Hanoverian Party[edit]

Reich Party for Civil Rights and Deflation[edit]

In German the Reichspartei für Volksrecht und Aufwertung