Members of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea, 2007–12

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This is a list of members of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea as elected at the 2007 election:

Name Party Electorate Province First elected
Sam Abal National Alliance Wabag Open Enga 2002-03, 2004
Charles Abel Independent Alotau Open Milne Bay 2007
Anderson Agiru United Resources Party Southern Highlands Provincial Southern Highlands 2007
Paru Aihi Papua New Guinea Party Kairuku-Hiri Open Central 2007
Tony Aimo People's Action Party Ambunti-Dreikikir Open East Sepik 2002
Martin Aini Pangu Party Kavieng Open New Ireland 2002
Benny Allan United Resources Party Unggai-Bena Open Eastern Highlands 2002
Sir Arnold Amet National Alliance Madang Provincial Madang 2007
David Arore Independent Ijivitari Open Northern 2007
Ronald Asik People's Action Party Wosera Gaui Open East Sepik 2007
Francis Awesa Papua New Guinea Party Imbonggu Open Southern Highlands 2007
Sam Basil People's Progress Party Bulolo Open Morobe 2007
Sai Beseo People's Party Kainantu Open Eastern Highlands 2007
Roy Biyama United Resources Party Middle Fly Open Western 2002
John Boito People's Democratic Movement Obura-Wonenara Open Eastern Highlands 2007
Pitom Bombom Independent Kerema Open Gulf 2007
Timothy Bonga Independent Nawae Open Morobe 2007
Jack Cameron People's Democratic Movement Kiriwina-Goodenough Open Milne Bay 2007
Byron Chan People's Progress Party Namatanai Open New Ireland 2002
Sir Julius Chan People's Progress Party New Ireland Provincial New Ireland 1977-97, 2007
John Luke Crittin Independent Milne Bay Provincial Milne Bay 2007
Bob Dadae United Party Kabwum Open Morobe 2002
Dr Bob Danaya PNG Labour Party Western Provincial Western 2002
Lucas Dekena National Alliance Gumine Open Chimbu 2007
Leo Dion National Alliance East New Britain Provincial East New Britain 2000
William Duma United Resources Party Hagen Open Western Highlands 2002
Philemon Embel Pangu Party Nipa-Kutubu Open Southern Highlands 2007
Ken Fairweather Independent Sumkar Open Madang 2007
John Garia Papua New Guinea Party Chimbu Provincial Chimbu 2007
Waka Goi Papua New Guinea Party Jimi Open Western Highlands 2007
Thompson Harokaqveh Pangu Party Goroka Open Eastern Highlands 2007
John Hickey National Alliance Bogia Open Madang 2002
Peter Humphreys National Alliance West New Britain Provincial West New Britain 2007
Koni Iguan People's Labor Party Markham Open Morobe 2007
Peter Ipatas People's Party Enga Provincial Enga 1997
Peter Iwei People's Democratic Movement Telefomin Open West Sepik 2007
Isaac Joseph New Generation Party Mendi Open Southern Highlands 2007
Miki Kaeok National Alliance Wapenamanda Open Enga 2002
Gabriel Kapris People's Action Party Maprik Open East Sepik 2002
Havila Kavo People's National Congress Gulf Provincial Gulf 2007
John Kekeno People's Action Party Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open Southern Highlands 2006
Dame Carol Kidu Melanesian Alliance Party Moresby South Open Nat. Capital District 1997
Philip Kikala National Alliance Lagaip-Porgera Open Enga 2007
Boka Kondra Independent North Fly Open Western 2007
Samson Kuli People's Party Usino Bundi Open Madang 2007
Andrew Kumbakor Pangu Party Nuku Open West Sepik 1997
James Lagea PNG Conservative Party Kagua-Erave Open Southern Highlands 2007
Michael Laimo National Alliance South Bougainville Open Bougainville 1992
Mark Maipakai National Alliance Kikori Open Gulf 2002
Moses Maladina Rural Development Party Esa'ala Open Milne Bay 2002
Buka Malai Independent Madang Open Madang 2007
Andrew Mald Independent Moresby North-East Open Nat. Capital District 2007
James Marape National Alliance Tari Open Southern Highlands 2007
Dr Allan Marat Melanesian Liberal Party Rabaul Open East New Britain 2002
Francis Marus Pangu Party Talasea Open West New Britain 2007
Jamie Maxtone-Graham PNG Country Party Angalimp-South Wahgi Open Western Highlands 2004
Posi Menai People's Action Party Karimui-Nomane Open Chimbu 2002
Vincent Michaels Independent Tewae-Siassi Open Morobe 2007
Jim Miringtoro People's Democratic Movement Central Bougainville Open Bougainville 2007
Sir Mekere Morauta Papua New Guinea Party Moresby North-West Open Nat. Capital District 1997
Alphonse Moroi Rural Development Party Central Provincial Central 2002
Benjamin Mul Papua New Guinea Party North Wahgi Open Western Highlands 2007
Belden Namah National Alliance Vanimo-Green River Open West Sepik 2007
Jeffrey Nape National Alliance Sinasina-Yonggamugl Open Chimbu 2002
Anthony Nene People's National Congress Sohe Open Northern 2007
Jim Nomane PNG Country Party Chuave Open Chimbu 2006
Peter O'Neill People's National Congress Ialibu-Pangia Open Southern Highlands 2002
Michael Ogio People's Democratic Movement North Bougainville Open Bougainville 2007
Tom Olga Independent Western Highlands Provincial Western Highlands 2007
Ferao Orimyo Papua New Guinea Party Henganofi Open Eastern Highlands 2007
Bonny Oveyara People's Progress Party Okapa Open Eastern Highlands 2007
Ano Pala National Alliance Rigo Open Central 2007
Powes Parkop Independent Nat. Capital District Provincial Nat. Capital District 2007
Kondo Patrick People's Labor Party Daulo Open Eastern Highlands 2007
Bart Philemon National Alliance Lae Open Morobe 1992
Benjamin Philip Rural Development Party Menyamya Open Morobe 2007
Mathew Poia National Alliance Goilala Open Central 2007
Don Polye National Alliance Kandep Open Enga 2002
Job Pomat People's National Congress Manus Open Manus 2007
Benjamin Poponawa Independent Tambul-Nebilyer Open Western Highlands 2007
Francis Potape New Generation Party Komo-Margarima Open Southern Highlands 2007
Patrick Pruaitch National Alliance Aitape-Lumi Open West Sepik 2002
Tony Puana New Generation Party Kandrian-Gloucester Open West New Britain 2007
John Pundari National Advance Party Kompiam-Ambum Open Enga 2007
Sani Rambi National Alliance Baiyer-Mul Open Western Highlands 2007
Puri Ruing Papua New Guinea Party Dei Open Western Highlands 1997-2002, 2007
Michael Sapau Rural Development Party Manus Provincial Manus 2007
Fidelis Semoso Independent Bougainville Provincial Bougainville 2007
Ben Semri People's Action Party Middle Ramu Open Madang 2002
Yawa Silupa National Alliance Lufa Open Eastern Highlands 2002
Jim Simatab Independent Wewak Open East Sepik 2007
Malcolm Smith-Kela Independent Eastern Highlands Provincial Eastern Highlands 2002
Simon Solo National Alliance West Sepik Provincial West Sepik 2007
Arthur Somare National Alliance Angoram Open East Sepik 1997
Sir Michael Somare National Alliance East Sepik Provincial East Sepik 1968
Sali Subam National Alliance South Fly Open Western 2007
Malakai Tabar Melanesian Liberal Party Gazelle Open East New Britain 2007
Suckling Tamanabae United Party Northern Provincial Northern 2007
Patrick Tammur Independent Kokopo Open East New Britain 2007
Joe Mek Teine PNG National Party Kundiawa Open Chimbu 2007
Sir Puka Temu National Alliance Abau Open Central 2002
Paul Tiensten National Alliance Pomio Open East New Britain 2002
Niuro Toko Sapia 1 Independent Rai Coast Open Madang 2007
Peter Waranaka National Alliance Yangoru-Saussia Open East Sepik 2004
Guma Wau United Resources Party Kerowagi Open Chimbu 2007
Luther Wenge People's First Party Morobe Provincial Morobe 1997
Gordon Wesley Independent Samarai-Murua Open Milne Bay 2002
James Yali 1 Independent Rai Coast Open Madang 2002
Sasa Zibe National Alliance Huon Gulf Open Morobe 2002
Theo Zurenouc Independent Finschaffen Open Morobe 2007
1 The incumbent independent MP for Rai Coast Open, James Yali, had been convicted of rape charges prior to the election, but was allowed to recontest his seat due to an outstanding appeal. He was duly re-elected, but his appeal was dismissed on August 13, 2007, resulting in the invalidation of his election win. Niuro Toko Sapia won the resulting by-election in November.
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Seventh Parliament
Eighth National Parliament of Papua New Guinea
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