Members of the New South Wales Legislative Council, 1988–1991

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This is a list of members of the New South Wales Legislative Council from 1988 to 1991:

Name Party Years in office
Franca Arena ALP 1981–1999
Marie Bignold Call to Australia/Independent 1 1984–1991
Hon George Brenner ALP 1981–1991
Richard Bull National 1984–2000
Hon Virginia Chadwick Liberal 1978–1999
Hon Jack Doohan National 1978–1991
Ron Dyer ALP 1979–2003
Michael Egan ALP 1986–2005
Hon Keith Enderbury ALP 1984–1995
Hon Beryl Evans Liberal 1984–1995
Hon Barney French ALP 1973–1991
Jack Garland 2 ALP 1981–1990
Duncan Gay National 1988–present
Hon Marlene Goldsmith Liberal 1988–1999
Hon Deirdre Grusovin 3 ALP 1978–1990
Hon Jack Hallam ALP 1973–1991
Fred Hankinson ALP 1984–1991
Hon John Hannaford Liberal 1984–1999
Mick Ibbett ALP 1984–1991
Dorothy Isaksen 3 ALP 1978–1988, 1990–1999
Judy Jakins National 1984–1991
John Jobling Liberal 1984–2003
Johno Johnson ALP 1976–2001
Richard Jones Democrat 1988–2003
Hon Jim Kaldis ALP 1978–1999
Richard Killen National 1981–1991
Hon Elisabeth Kirkby Democrat 1981–1998
Hon Delcia Kite ALP 1976–1995
Ian Macdonald ALP 1988–2010
Hon Andy Manson ALP 1988–2000
Hon John Matthews Liberal 1981–1991
Stephen Mutch Liberal 1988–1996
Elaine Nile Call to Australia 1988–2002
Rev Fred Nile Call to Australia 1981–2004, 2004–present
Paul O'Grady ALP 1988–1996
Brian Pezzutti Liberal 1988–2003
Ted Pickering Liberal 1976–1995
Hon Ken Reed ALP 1981–1991
Bob Rowland Smith National 1974–1999
Jim Samios Liberal 1984–2003
Helen Sham-Ho Liberal 1988–2003
Jeff Shaw 2 ALP 1990–2000
Hon Sir Adrian Solomons National 1969–1991
Ann Symonds ALP 1982–1998
Hon Bryan Vaughan ALP 1981–1999
Hon Judith Walker ALP 1984–1995
Hon Max Willis Liberal 1970–1999
1 Marie Bignold was expelled from the Call to Australia Party in November 1988. She served out the remainder of her term as an independent.
2 ALP MLC Jack Garland resigned on 9 April 1990. Jeff Shaw was appointed to the resulting casual vacancy on 1 May.
3 ALP MLC Deirdre Grusovin resigned on 23 June 1990 in order to contest a by-election for the Legislative Assembly seat of Heffron. Former MLC Dorothy Isaksen was appointed to the resulting casual vacancy on 4 July.
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