Members of the New South Wales Legislative Council, 2019–2023

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This is a list of members of the New South Wales Legislative Council, as elected at the 2015 and 2019 elections. As members serve eight-year terms, half of the Council was elected in 2015 and did not face re-election in 2019, and the members elected in 2019 will not face re-election until 2027.

Name Party Term in office
Hon John Ajaka Liberal 2007–present
Hon Lou Amato Liberal 2015–present
Hon Mark Banasiak SFF 2019–present
Hon Niall Blair [3] National 2011–2019
Hon Robert Borsak SFF 2010–present
Abigail Boyd Greens 2019–present
Hon Mark Buttigieg Labor 2019–present
Hon Catherine Cusack Liberal 2003–present
Hon Anthony D'Adam Labor 2019–present
Hon Greg Donnelly Labor 2005–present
Cate Faehrmann Greens 2010–2013, 2018–present
Hon Wes Fang National 2017–present
Hon Scott Farlow Liberal 2015–present
Hon Sam Farraway [3] National 2019–present
Justin Field Greens/Independent [1] 2016–present
Hon Ben Franklin [2] National 2015–2019, 2019–present
Hon John Graham Labor 2016–present
Hon Don Harwin Liberal 1999–present
Hon Courtney Houssos Labor 2015–present
Hon Emma Hurst Animal Justice 2019–present
Hon Rose Jackson [2] Labor 2019–present
Hon Trevor Khan National 2007–present
Hon Mark Latham One Nation 2019–present
Hon Natasha Maclaren-Jones Liberal 2011–present
Hon Shayne Mallard Liberal 2015–present
Hon Taylor Martin Liberal 2017–present
Hon Matthew Mason-Cox Liberal 2006–present
Hon Sarah Mitchell National 2011–present
Hon Daniel Mookhey Labor 2015–present
Hon Tara Moriarty Labor 2019–present
Hon Shaoquett Moselmane Labor 2009–present
Rev Hon Fred Nile Christian Democrats 1981–2004, 2004–present
Hon Mark Pearson Animal Justice 2015–present
Hon Peter Primrose Labor 1996–present
Hon Rod Roberts One Nation 2019–present
Hon Adam Searle Labor 2011–present
Hon Walt Secord Labor 2011–present
Hon Penny Sharpe Labor 2005–2015, 2015–present
David Shoebridge Greens 2010–present
Hon Bronnie Taylor National 2015–present
Hon Damien Tudehope Liberal 2019–present
Hon Mick Veitch Labor 2007–present
Hon Natalie Ward Liberal 2017–present
1 Greens MLC Justin Field resigned from the party on 3 April 2019 to sit as an independent.
2 Two seats were vacant at the beginning of this parliament, following the resignations of Labor MLC Lynda Voltz and National MLC Ben Franklin to run for the Legislative Assembly. On 8 May 2019, Franklin (who was unsuccessful in the Legislative Assembly) was appointed to fill his own vacancy, while Rose Jackson was appointed to fill Voltz's seat.
3 On 16 October 2019, Nationals MLC Niall Blair resigned. Sam Farraway was elected to fill the resulting casual vacancy on 17 October 2019.