Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1904–1907

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This is a list of members of the 15th Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1904 to 1907, as elected at the 1904 state election held on 27 August 1904.[1]

At the start of the period, the state was governed by a coalition of a Liberal group led by Arthur Morgan, and the Labour Party led by William Kidston, while the Conservatives led by former Premier Robert Philp sat in opposition. In 1906, Morgan left to become president of the Queensland Legislative Council, replacing Hugh Nelson who had died on 1 January, and Kidston became Premier. By March 1907, a major realignment had taken place — Kidston had split away to form his own party, taking the ministry, numerous MPs and the coalition with him. By the 1907 state election, the parliamentary parties were as follows:

  • Kidston Party, led by William Kidston, consisting of Liberals and former Labour members.
  • Labour Party, led by David Bowman.
  • Philp Party (Conservative), led by Robert Philp.
Name Party (pre-1907) Party (post-1907) Electorate Term in office
Peter Airey Labour Kidston Flinders 1901–1907; 1908–1909
George Barber Labour Labour Bundaberg 1901–1935
Walter Barnes Conservative Conservative Bulimba 1901–1915; 1918–1933
Adolphus Barton Liberal Kidston Carnarvon 1904–1907
Joshua Thomas Bell Liberal Kidston Dalby 1893–1911
James Blair Liberal Kidston Ipswich 1902–1915
David Bowman Labour Labour Fortitude Valley 1899–1902; 1904–1916
Thomas Bouchard Liberal Conservative South Brisbane 1904–1908; 1909–1915
Thomas Bridges Liberal Kidston Nundah 1896–1907; 1909–1918
William Browne[1] Labour N/A Croydon 1893–1904
John Burrows Labour Labour Charters Towers 1901–1907
John Cameron Conservative Conservative Brisbane North 1893–1896; 1901–1908
John Dunmore Campbell Conservative Conservative Moreton 1899–1909
Arthur Cooper[4] Liberal N/A Mitchell 1902–1905
Henri Cowap Labour Kidston Fitzroy 1902–1909
Alfred Cowley Conservative Conservative Herbert 1888–1907
James Cribb Conservative Conservative Bundamba 1893–1896; 1899–1915
Digby Denham Liberal Conservative Oxley 1902–1915
Thomas Dibley Labour Kidston Woolloongabba 1896–1907
John Dunsford[6] Labour N/A Charters Towers 1893–1905
John Fogarty[2] Liberal N/A Drayton & Toowoomba 1893–1904
Edward Barrow Forrest Conservative Conservative Brisbane North 1899–1912
James Forsythe Conservative Conservative Carpentaria 1899–1907; 1909–1918
George Fox Conservative Conservative Normanby 1877–1878; 1901–1914
Albert Fudge Labour Labour Mackay 1904–1907
Kenneth Grant Labour Kidston Rockhampton 1902–1915
Francis Grayson Liberal Kidston Cunningham 1904–1920
William Hamilton Labour Labour Gregory 1899–1915
Patrick Hanran Conservative Conservative Townsville 1899–1909
Herbert Hardacre Labour Labour Leichhardt 1893–1919
John Hargreaves[8] Liberal N/A Cook 1904–1907
Arthur Hawthorn Liberal Kidston Enoggera 1902–1911
Robert Herbertson Liberal Kidston Port Curtis 1904–1909
Robert Hodge[3] Liberal N/A Rosewood 1902–1904; 1909–1920
George Jackson Labour Kidston Kennedy 1893–1909
Charles Moffatt Jenkinson Independent Conservative Fassifern 1898–1902; 1903–1909
Alfred Jones Labour Labour Burnett 1904–1909, 1915–1917,
Francis Kenna Labour Kidston Bowen 1902–1909
Denis Keogh[3] Labour Conservative Rosewood 1896–1902; 1904–1911
George Kerr Labour Kidston Barcoo 1893–1909
William Kidston Labour Kidston Rockhampton 1896–1911
Edward Land Labour Labour Balonne 1904–1927
John Leahy Conservative Conservative Bulloo 1893–1909
Patrick Leahy Conservative Conservative Warrego 1902–1908
Vincent Lesina Labour Labour Clermont 1899–1912
George Lindley Liberal Kidston Wide Bay 1902–1907
Edward Macartney Conservative Conservative Toowong 1900–1908; 1909–1920
Frank McDonnell Labour Labour Fortitude Valley 1896–1907
Donald MacKintosh Liberal Kidston Cambooya 1899–1915
John Mann Labour Kidston Cairns 1904–1912
George Martin[5] Labour N/A Burrum 1902–1905
William Maxwell Labour Kidston Burke 1899–1909
William Mitchell Labour Labour Maryborough 1904–1909
Arthur Morgan[7] Liberal N/A Warwick 1887–1896; 1898–1906
Daniel Mulcahy Labour Labour Gympie 1901–1912
William Murphy[1] Labour Kidston Croydon 1904–1907; 1908–1918
Charles Nielson Labour Kidston Musgrave 1904–1907
John Norman Labour Kidston Maryborough 1902–1907
John O'Brien Labour Labour Aubigny 1904–1907
Michael O'Keeffe Liberal Kidston Lockyer 1904–1907
Thomas O'Sullivan[7] Liberal Kidston Warwick 1906–1908
Walter Paget Conservative Conservative Mackay 1901–1915
William Paull[6] Independent Conservative Charters Towers 1905–1908
John Payne[4] Labour Labour Mitchell 1905–1928
Andrew Lang Petrie Conservative Conservative Toombul 1893–1926
Robert Philp Conservative Conservative Townsville 1886–1915
Thomas Plunkett Liberal Kidston Albert 1888–1896; 1899–1908
Colin Rankin[5] Independent Kidston Burrum 1905–1918
Carl Reinhold Labour Labour South Brisbane 1904–1907
George Ryland Labour Labour Gympie 1899–1912
William Ryott Maughan Labour Labour Ipswich 1898–1899; 1904–1912
Thomas Scott Labour Kidston Murilla 1904–1907
Henry Plantagenet Somerset Liberal Conservative Stanley 1904–1920
Edward Smart[2] Labour N/A Drayton & Toowoomba 1904–1907
Thomas Spencer Liberal Kidston Maranoa 1904–1907; 1919–1920
James Stodart Conservative Conservative Logan 1896–1918
James Tolmie Liberal Conservative Drayton & Toowoomba 1901–1907; 1909–1918
Henry Turner Labour Kidston North Rockhampton 1901, 1902–1907
Michael Woods Labour Kidston Woothakata 1902–1909


1 On 12 April 1904, William Browne, the Labour member for Croydon, died. At the resulting by-election on 21 May 1904, Labour candidate William Murphy was elected.
2 On 9 September 1904, John Fogarty, the Liberal member for Drayton & Toowoomba, died. At the resulting by-election on 1 October 1904, Labour candidate Edward Smart was elected.
3 At the 1904 election, the result went to preferences and Liberal candidate Robert Hodge and Labour candidate Denis Keogh tied, with the returning officer declaring Hodge elected with his casting vote. A petition was lodged against Hodge's return and on 12 December 1904, the Elections Tribunal unseated Hodge and Keogh was duly sworn in.
4 On 14 April 1905, Arthur Cooper, the Liberal member for Mitchell, resigned. Labour candidate John Payne won the resulting by-election on 13 May 1905.
5 On 14 May 1905, George Martin, the Labour member for Burrum, died. Independent candidate Colin Rankin won the resulting by-election on 17 June 1905.
6 On 15 September 1905, John Dunsford, one of the Labour members for Charters Towers, died. Independent candidate William Paull won the resulting by-election on 7 October 1905.
7 On 19 January 1906, Arthur Morgan[7], the Premier of Queensland and Liberal member for Warwick, was appointed to the Queensland Legislative Council to fill the vacancy caused by the death of the President, Sir Hugh Nelson. Liberal candidate Thomas O'Sullivan won the resulting by-election on 10 February 1906.
8 On 19 January 1907, John Hargreaves, the Liberal member for Cook, died. No by-election was held due to the proximity of the 1907 state election.

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