Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1935–1938

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This is a list of members of the 27th Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1935 to 1938, as elected at the 1935 state election held on 11 May 1935.[1]

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Randolph Bedford[6] Labor Warrego 1923–1941
Roy Bell CPNP Stanley 1933–1938
William Brand CPNP Isis 1920–1950
Samuel Brassington Labor Fortitude Valley 1927–1932, 1933–1950
John Brown Labor Logan 1935–1944
Hon Harry Bruce Labor The Tableland 1923–1950
Hon Frank Bulcock Labor Barcoo 1919–1942
Jim Clark Labor Fitzroy 1935–1960
Harry Clayton CPNP Wide Bay 1920–1946
Charles Collins[4] Labor Bowen 1909–1912, 1915–1936
Harold Collins Labor Cook 1935–1957
Charles Conroy Labor Maranoa 1920–1944
Hon Frank Cooper Labor Bremer 1915–1946
Kerry Copley Labor Kurilpa 1932–1949
William Copley Labor Bulimba 1932–1938
David Daniel[3] CPNP Keppel 1936–1944
Owen Daniel[3] CPNP Keppel 1929–1936
John Donnelly Labor Wynnum 1935–1938
Hon John Dash Labor Mundingburra 1920–1944
William Deacon CPNP Cunningham 1920–1943
William Demaine[5] Labor Maryborough 1937–1938
Jack Duggan[1] Labor Toowoomba 1935–1957, 1958–1969
Thomas Dunstan Labor Gympie 1915–1929, 1935–1953
Jim Edwards CPNP Nanango 1920–1947
Hon Tom Foley Labor Normanby 1919–1960
Robert Funnell[2] Labor Brisbane 1932–1936
Vince Gair Labor South Brisbane 1932–1960
David Gledson Labor Ipswich 1915–1929, 1932–1949
Hon Ned Hanlon Labor Ithaca 1926–1952
Ted Hanson Labor Buranda 1924–1947
John Hayes Labor Nundah 1932–1947
John Healy Labor Warwick 1935–1947
Paul Hilton Labor Carnarvon 1935–1963
Roland Hislop Labor Sandgate 1935–1941
Hon Maurice Hynes Labor Townsville 1923–1939
Cecil Jesson Labor Kennedy 1935–1960
James Kane Labor East Toowoomba 1935–1938
James Keogh Labor Merthyr 1932–1940
William King Labor Maree 1932–1941
James Larcombe Labor Rockhampton 1912–1929, 1932–1956
Evan Llewelyn[1] Labor Toowoomba 1925–1929, 1932–1935
Bernard McLean Labor Bundaberg 1935–1941
Ted Maher CPNP West Moreton 1929–1949
Johnno Mann[2] Labor Brisbane 1936–1969
James Maxwell CPNP Toowong 1920–1938
Hon Arthur Moore CPNP Aubigny 1915–1941
Godfrey Morgan CPNP Dalby 1909–1938
Hon John Mullan Labor Carpentaria 1908–1912, 1918–1941
Alf Muller CPNP Fassifern 1935–1969
Frank Nicklin CPNP Murrumba 1932–1968
Thomas Nimmo CPNP Oxley 1929–1943
John O'Keefe Labor Cairns 1926–1929, 1930–1942
Hon Percy Pease Labor Herbert 1920–1940
Tom Plunkett CPNP Albert 1929–1957
Hon George Pollock Labor Gregory 1915–1939
Bill Power Labor Baroona 1935–1960
Ernest Riordan[4] Labor Bowen 1936–1944, 1950–1954
Hugh Russell CPNP Hamilton 1926–1941
Hon William Forgan Smith Labor Mackay 1915–1942
Hon James Stopford[5] Labor Maryborough 1915–1936
George Taylor Labor Enoggera 1932–1944
Harry Walker CPNP Cooroora 1907–1947
Ted Walsh Labor Mirani 1935–1947, 1950–1969
Frank Waters Labor Kelvin Grove 1932–1938
William Wellington Labor Charters Towers 1915–1939
Herbert Williams Labor Windsor 1935–1941
Tommy Williams Labor Port Curtis 1932–1947
1 On 28 November 1935, the Labor member for Toowoomba, Evan Llewelyn, resigned. Labor candidate Jack Duggan won the resulting by-election on 14 December 1935.
2 On 3 January 1936, the Labor member for Brisbane, Robert Funnell, died. Labor candidate Johnno Mann won the resulting by-election on 4 April 1936.
3 On 5 January 1936, the Country (CPNP) member for Keppel, Owen Daniel, died. Country (CPNP) candidate David Daniel won the resulting by-election on 4 April 1936.
4 On 28 March 1936, the Labor member for Bowen, Charles Collins, died. Labor candidate Ernest Riordan won the resulting by-election on 20 June 1936.
5 On 30 November 1936, the Labor member for Maryborough, James Stopford, died. Labor candidate William Demaine won the resulting by-election on 27 February 1937.
6 The Labor member for Warrego, Randolph Bedford, resigned on 8 September 1937 to contest the federal seat of Maranoa. He was re-elected the resulting by-election on 4 December 1937.

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