Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1950–1953

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This is a list of members of the 32nd Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1950 to 1953, as elected at the 1950 state election held on 29 April 1950.[1]

The election followed a redistribution which created 15 new seats in the Assembly.

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Tom Aikens NQLP Mundingburra 1944–1977
Eric Allpass Country Condamine 1950–1953
Joh Bjelke-Petersen Country Barambah 1947–1987
Samuel Brassington[1] Labor Fortitude Valley 1927–1932, 1933–1950
Michael Brosnan[1] Labor Fortitude Valley 1950–1957
Richard Kidston Brown Labor Buranda 1947–1957
Jim Burrows Labor Port Curtis 1947–1963
Peter Byrne Labor Mourilyan 1950–1969
Gordon Chalk Liberal Lockyer 1947–1976
James Clark Labor Fitzroy 1935–1960
Arthur Coburn Independent Burdekin 1950–1969
Hon Harold Collins Labor Tablelands 1935–1957
Viv Cooper[6] Labor Keppel 1952–1957
Thomas Crowley Labor Cairns 1947–1956
Edward Davis Labor Barcoo 1943–1961
Eric Decker Liberal Sandgate 1941–1953
Hon George Devries Labor Gregory 1941–1957
Alex Dewar Liberal Chermside 1950–1969
Felix Dittmer Labor Mount Gravatt 1950–1957
Jim Donald Labor Bremer 1946–1969
John Dufficy[2] Labor Warrego 1951–1969
Hon Jack Duggan Labor Toowoomba 1935–1957, 1958–1969
Thomas Dunstan Labor Nash 1915–1929, 1935–1953
Leonard Eastment[5] Labor Ithaca 1952–1956
Ernie Evans Country Mirani 1947–1965
William Ewan Country Roma 1950–1953, 1957–1967
David Farrell Labor Maryborough 1938–1953
Hon Tom Foley Labor Belyando 1919–1960
Hon Vince Gair Labor South Brisbane 1932–1960
Bob Gardner[4] Labor Bulimba 1950–1957
Eric Gaven Country Southport 1950–1966
Fred Graham Labor Mackay 1943–1969
Bill Gunn Labor Wynnum 1944–1966
Hon Ned Hanlon[5] Labor Ithaca 1926–1952
James Heading Country Marodian 1947–1960
Thomas Hiley Liberal Coorparoo 1944–1966
Hon Paul Hilton Labor Carnarvon 1935–1963
Walter Ingram[6] Labor Keppel 1944–1952
Cecil Jesson Labor Hinchinbrook 1935–1960
Hon Arthur Jones Labor Charters Towers 1929–1932, 1939–1960
Vince Jones Country Callide 1950–1971
Tom Kerr Liberal Sherwood 1943–1956
George Keyatta Labor Townsville 1939–1960
Hon James Larcombe Labor Rockhampton 1912–1929, 1932–1956
Eric Lloyd[3] Labor Kedron 1951–1972
David Low Country Cooroora 1947–1974
Louis Luckins Liberal Norman 1941–1953
Hon Colin McCathie Labor Haughton 1950–1960
Duncan MacDonald Country Somerset 1938–1953
Malcolm McIntyre Country Cunningham 1944–1953
Otto Madsen Country Warwick 1947–1963
Hon Johnno Mann Labor Brisbane 1936–1969
Ivor Marsden Labor Ipswich 1949–1966
Hon William Moore Labor Merthyr 1940–1957
Thomas Moores Labor Kurilpa 1949–1957
Kenneth Morris Liberal Mount Coot-tha 1944–1963
Adolf Muller Country Fassifern 1935–1969
Alan Munro Liberal Toowong 1950–1966
David Nicholson Country Murrumba 1950–1972
Frank Nicklin Country Landsborough 1932–1968
Dr Winston Noble Liberal Yeronga 1950–1964
Harry O'Shea[2] Labor Warrego 1941–1950
Arthur Bruce Pie[3] Liberal Kedron 1941–1943, 1944–1951
Jack Pizzey Country Isis 1950–1968
Thomas Plunkett Jr. Country Darlington 1929–1957
Hon William Power Labor Baroona 1935–1960
Thomas Rasey Labor Windsor 1950–1957
Hon Ernest Riordan Labor Flinders 1936–1944, 1950–1954
Frank Roberts Labor Nundah 1947–1956
Lloyd Roberts Country Whitsunday 1950–1961
Alfred Smith Labor Carpentaria 1941–1960
Walter Sparkes Country Aubigny 1932–1935, 1941–1960
Harold Taylor Liberal Clayfield 1947–1963
John Taylor Labor Balonne 1944–1957
John Turner Labor Kelvin Grove 1941–1957
Hon Ted Walsh Labor Bundaberg 1935–1947, 1950–1969
Bob Watson Country Mulgrave 1950–1953, 1957–1959
Patrick Whyte Labor Mackenzie 1950–1956
Leslie Wood Labor North Toowoomba 1946–1947, 1950–1958
Carlisle Wordsworth Country Cook 1950–1953, 1959–1960
1 On 4 October 1950, the Labor member for Fortitude Valley and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Samuel Brassington, died. Labor candidate Michael Brosnan won the resulting by-election on 18 November 1950.
2 On 4 November 1950, the Labor member for Warrego, Harry O'Shea, died. Labor candidate John Dufficy won the resulting by-election on 3 March 1951.
3 On 6 January 1951, the Liberal member for Kedron, Arthur Bruce Pie, resigned. Labor candidate Eric Lloyd won the resulting by-election on 14 April 1951.
4 At the 1950 state election, Labor candidate Bob Gardner won the seat of Bulimba by 42 votes against his Liberal opponent, J. E. Hamilton. A petition was lodged on 24 July 1950 against Gardner's return, and the election was declared void on the basis of errors in counting by the returning officer on 18 January 1951. Gardner won the resulting by-election on 14 April 1951.
5 On 15 January 1952, the Labor member for Ithaca and Premier of Queensland, Ned Hanlon, died. At the resulting by-election on 5 April 1952, Labor candidate Leonard Eastment was elected.
6 On 24 July 1952, the Labor member for Keppel, Walter Ingram, died. Labor candidate Viv Cooper won the resulting by-election on 25 October 1952.

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