Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, 1905–1906

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This is a list of members of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1905 to 1906, as elected at the 1905 state election:[1]

Name Party Electorate Term of office
Peter Allen FPPU Wallaroo 1902–1912, 1915–1925
William Archibald Labor Port Adelaide 1893–1910
William Blacker Alexandra 1892–1913
Thomas Burgoyne FPPU Flinders 1884–1915
Richard Butler FPPU Barossa 1890–1924
Hon Alfred Catt FPPU Stanley 1881–1906
Henry Chesson Labor Port Adelaide 1905–1918
Lewis Cohen ANL Adelaide 1887–1893, 1902–1906
Hon Sir Jenkin Coles ANL Wooroora 1875–1878, 1881–1911
Frederick Coneybeer Labor Torrens 1893–1921, 1924–1930
Ephraim Coombe Barossa 1901–1912, 1915–1917
William Patrick Cummins ANL Stanley 1896–1907
George Dankel Labor Torrens 1905–1912
Walter Hughes Duncan [1] ANL Murray 1896–1906
Richard Foster FPPU Flinders 1893–1906
William Gilbert ANL Barossa 1881–1906
Clarence Goode Labor Stanley 1905–1918
Hermann Homburg [1] ANL Murray 1906–1915, 1927–1930
Arthur Hugh Inkster Flinders 1905–1907
David James ANL Wooroora 1902–1918
William Jamieson ANL Murray 1901–1902, 1905–1912
John Livingston FPPU Victoria and Albert 1899–1906
Ivor MacGillivray Labor Port Adelaide 1893–1918
Alexander McDonald ANL Alexandra 1887–1915
William Miller FPPU Burra Burra 1902–1918
Samuel James Mitchell Northern Territory 1901–1910
Hon Laurence O'Loughlin FPPU Burra Burra 1890–1918
Friedrich Wilhelm Paech ANL Wooroora 1899–1908
Archibald Peake Victoria and Albert 1897–1915, 1915–1920
Friedrich Pflaum ANL Murray 1902–1915
William David Ponder Labor Adelaide 1905–1921
Thomas Price Labor Torrens 1893–1909
George Ritchie FPPU Alexandra 1902–1922
Ernest Roberts Labor Adelaide 1896–1902, 1905–1908
Hon Ben Rounsevell Burra Burra 1875–1893, 1899–1906
James Zimri Sellar Labor Adelaide 1905–1906
William Senior Labor Victoria and Albert 1904–1912
Thomas Hyland Smeaton Labor Torrens 1905–1921
Hon Vaiben Louis Solomon Northern Territory 1890–1901, 1905–1908
Charles Tucker ANL Alexandra 1899–1906
Crawford Vaughan Labor Torrens 1905–1918
John Verran Labor Wallaroo 1901–1918
Alfred Edwin Winter Labor Wallaroo 1905–1912
1 Murray MHA Walter Hughes Duncan died on 12 May 1906. Hermann Homburg won the resulting by-election on 23 June.


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