Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 2014–2018

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This is a list of members of the South Australian Legislative Council between 2014 and 2018, spanning the 52nd (started 2010) and 53rd (starting 2014) Parliaments of South Australia. As half of the Legislative Council's terms expired at each state election, half of these members were elected at the 2010 state election with terms expiring in 2018, while the other half were elected at the 2014 state election with terms expiring in 2022.

Name Party Term expires Term of office
Robert Brokenshire Family First 2018 2008–present
John Darley Independent 2022 2007–present
John Dawkins Liberal 2022 1997–present
Bernard Finnigan [1] Independent 2015 2006–2015
Tammy Franks Greens 2018 2010–present
Gail Gago Labor 2018 2002–present
John Gazzola Labor 2018 2002–present
Justin Hanson [2] Labor 2018 2017–present
Dennis Hood Family First 2022 2006–present
Ian Hunter Labor 2022 2006–present
Gerry Kandelaars [2] Labor 2018 2011–2017
Jing Lee Liberal 2018 2010–present
Michelle Lensink Liberal 2022 2003–present
Rob Lucas Liberal 2022 1982–present
Kyam Maher Labor 2022 2012–present
Peter Malinauskas [1] Labor 2018 2015–present
Andrew McLachlan Liberal 2022 2014–present
Tung Ngo Labor 2022 2014–present
Mark Parnell Greens 2022 2006–present
David Ridgway Liberal 2018 2002–present
Terry Stephens Liberal 2018 2002–present
Kelly Vincent Dignity for Disability 2018 2010–present
Stephen Wade Liberal 2018 2006–present
Russell Wortley Labor 2022 2006–present
1 Independent MLC Bernard Finnigan, who had been elected as Labor in 2010 and became an independent in 2011, resigned on 12 November 2015. Labor's Peter Malinauskas replaced him on 1 December.
2 Labor MLC Gerry Kandelaars resigned on 17 February 2017. Labor's Justin Hanson replaced him on 28 February.
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