Members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, 1955–1956

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This is a list of members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly between the 19 February 1955 election and the 13 October 1956 election.

Name Party Division Years in office
Charley Aylett Labor Darwin 1946–1964
Claude Barnard Labor Bass 1950–1957
Bill Beattie Liberal Bass 1946–1950; 1954–1979
Amelia Best Liberal Wilmot 1955–1956; 1958–1959
Charles Best Liberal Wilmot 1950–1958
Angus Bethune Liberal Wilmot 1946–1975
Carrol Bramich Labor/Liberal Darwin 1946–1964
Jack Breheny Liberal Darwin 1951–1972
Douglas Cashion Labor Wilmot 1949–1972
Hon Robert Cosgrove Labor Denison 1919–1922; 1925–1931;
Hon John Dwyer Labor Franklin 1931–1962
Hon Roy Fagan Labor Wilmot 1946–1974
John Fidler Liberal Darwin 1946–1956
Dr John Gaha Labor Denison 1950–1964
Hon Charles Hand Labor Franklin 1948–1956
Bill Hodgman Liberal Denison 1955–1964
Tim Jackson Liberal Franklin 1946–1964
Kevin Lyons Liberal Darwin 1948–1972
Hon John Madden Labor Bass 1936–1956; 1957–1969
Fred Marriott Liberal Bass 1946–1961
Mabel Miller Liberal Franklin 1955–1964
Bill Neilson Labor Franklin 1946–1977
Thomas Pearsall Liberal Franklin 1950–1966
Hon Eric Reece Labor Darwin 1946–1975
Lancelot Spurr Labor Wilmot 1941–1956
John Steer Liberal Bass 1950–1961; 1964–1968
Horace Strutt Liberal Denison 1946–1959; 1959–1969
Rex Townley Liberal Denison 1946–1965
Hon Dr Reg Turnbull Labor Bass 1946–1961
Hon Alfred White Labor Franklin 1941–1959