Members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, 1979–1982

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This is a list of members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, elected at the 1979 state election:

Name Party Electorate Years in office
Dick Adams Labor Franklin 1979–1982
Michael Aird Labor Franklin 1979–1986, 1989–1995
Dr Julian Amos Labor Denison 1976–1986, 1992–1996
Terry Aulich Labor Wilmot 1976–1982
Bob Baker[2] Liberal Denison 1969–1980
Darrel Baldock Labor Wilmot 1972–1987
Eric Barnard[1] Labor Franklin 1959–1979
Michael Barnard Labor Bass 1969–1986
Neil Batt[3] Labor Denison 1969–1980, 1986–1989
John Beattie Liberal Franklin 1972–1989
John Beswick Liberal Bass 1979–1998
Max Bingham Liberal Denison 1969–1984
Ray Bonney Liberal Braddon 1972–1986
Ian Braid Liberal Wilmot 1969–1972, 1975–1995
Max Bushby Liberal Bass 1964–1986
John Cleary Liberal Franklin 1979–1986, 1988–1998
Ron Cornish Liberal Braddon 1976–1998
John Coughlan Labor Braddon 1975–1986
Glen Davies Labor Braddon 1972–1986
John Devine Labor Denison 1979–1984
Michael Field Labor Braddon 1976–1997
Bob Graham[3] Labor Denison 1980–1982, 1984–1986
Robin Gray Liberal Wilmot 1976–1995
John Green[2] Labor Denison 1974–1980
Roger Groom Liberal Braddon 1976–1997
Gabriel Haros[2] Liberal Denison 1980–1986
Harry Holgate Labor Bass 1974–1992
Gill James Labor Bass 1976–1989, 1992–2002
Andrew Lohrey Labor Wilmot 1972–1986
Doug Lowe Labor/Independent[4] Franklin 1969–1986
Robert Mather Liberal Denison 1964–1982
Bill McKinnon[1] Labor Franklin 1977–1979, 1979–1986
Graeme Page Liberal Wilmot 1976–1996
Geoff Pearsall Liberal Franklin 1969–1988
Michael Polley Labor Wilmot 1972–2014
Neil Robson Liberal Bass 1976–1992
Norm Sanders[2] Democrat Denison 1980–1983
Michael Weldon Labor Braddon 1979–1982, 1986–1992
Mary Willey Labor/Independent[4] Bass 1979–1982
1 Labor MHA Eric Barnard resigned on 7 August 1979. Bill McKinnon was elected on the resulting countback.
2 The results of the 1979 state election in the seat of Denison were overturned by the Supreme Court of Tasmania on 18 December 1979. A by-election was thus held on 16 February 1980. Five members were re-elected, but Labor MHA John Green and Liberal MHA Bob Baker lost their seats to Democrat Norm Sanders and Liberal Gabriel Haros.
3 Labor MHA Neil Batt resigned on 29 August 1980. Bob Graham was elected in the resulting countback.
4 Labor Premier Doug Lowe was deposed by his caucus on 11 November 1981 and replaced by Harry Holgate. Lowe and fellow Labor MHA Mary Willey immediately resigned from the party in protest and served out their term as an independents.