Members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, 1996–1998

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This is a list of members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, elected at the 1996 state election:

Name Party Electorate Years in office
Jim Bacon Labor Denison 1996–2004
Tony Benneworth Liberal Bass 1992–1998
Brenton Best Labor Braddon 1996–2014
Hon John Beswick Liberal Bass 1979–1998
Hon Fran Bladel Labor Franklin 1986–2002
Hon Bill Bonde Liberal Braddon 1986–2002
Carole Cains[2] Liberal Braddon 1992–1996, 1997–1998
Bob Cheek Liberal Denison 1996–2002
Hon John Cleary Liberal Franklin 1979–1986, 1988–1998
Hon Ron Cornish Liberal Braddon 1976–1998
Jim Cox Labor Bass 1989–1992, 1996–2010
Hon Michael Field[1] Labor Braddon 1976–1997
Mike Foley Greens Franklin 1995–1998
Mike Gard[1] Labor Braddon 1997–1998
Lara Giddings Labor Lyons 1996–1998, 2002–2018
Bruce Goodluck Independent Franklin 1996–1998
Hon Ray Groom Liberal Denison 1986–2001
Hon Roger Groom[2] Liberal Braddon 1976–1997
Rene Hidding Liberal Lyons 1996–present
Hon Michael Hodgman Liberal Denison 1992–1998, 2001–2010
Hon Peter Hodgman Liberal Franklin 1986–2001
Di Hollister Greens Braddon 1989–1998
Hon Judy Jackson Labor Denison 1986–2006
Hon Gill James Labor Bass 1976–1989, 1992–2002
Paul Lennon Labor Franklin 1990–2008
Hon David Llewellyn Labor Lyons 1986–2010, 2014–2018
Hon Frank Madill Liberal Bass 1986–2000
Bob Mainwaring Liberal Lyons 1992–1998
Christine Milne Greens Lyons 1989–1998
Hon Sue Napier Liberal Bass 1992–2010
Hon Peter Patmore Labor Bass 1984–2002
Hon Michael Polley Labor Lyons 1972–2014
Peg Putt Greens Denison 1993–2008
Hon Tony Rundle Liberal Braddon 1986–2002
Hon Denise Swan Liberal Lyons 1995–2002
Hon John White Labor Denison 1986–1998
Paula Wriedt Labor Franklin 1996–2009
1 ALP member Michael Field resigned in early 1997. Mike Gard was elected as his replacement on 15 July.
2 Liberal member Roger Groom resigned in early 1997. Carole Cains was elected as his replacement on 15 July.

Distribution of seats[edit]

Electorate Seats held

  Australian Labor Party - 14 seats (40%)
  Liberal Party of Australia - 16 seats (46%)
  Tasmanian Greens - 4 seats (11%)
  Independent - 1 seat (3%)