Members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council, 1891–1897

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This is a list of members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council between 1891 and 1897. Terms of the Legislative Council did not coincide with Legislative Assembly elections, and members served six year terms, with a number of members facing election each year.


Date Electorates
5 May 1891 Cambridge; Hobart (1); Russell
3 May 1892 Hobart (1); Launceston (1); North Esk
2 May 1893 Hobart (1); Meander; Pembroke
1 May 1894 Huon; Launceston (1); Mersey
7 May 1895 Derwent; Tamar; Westmorland
5 May 1896 Buckingham; Macquarie; South Esk


Name Division Years in office Elected
Hon Dr Gamaliel Butler[5] Hobart 1896–1914 b/e
Hon George Collins Tamar 1895–1919 1895
Hon Audley Coote Tamar 1886–1895 1889
Hon William Crosby Hobart 1885–1909 1891
Hon William Dodery Westmorland 1877–1907 1895
Hon Adye Douglas[2] Launceston 1855–1856; 1884–1886;
Hon Philip Fysh[4] Buckingham 1866–1869; 1870–1873;
Hon Walter Gellibrand Derwent 1871–1901 1895
Hon James Gibson South Esk 1886–1899 1896
Hon Charles Henry Grant[1] Hobart 1892–1901 1893
Hon Frederick Grubb Meander 1879–1911 1893
Hon William Hart Launceston 1885–1904 1894
Hon Henry Lamb Pembroke 1891–1899 1893
Hon Alfred Lord Cambridge 1890–1897 1891
Hon John Hair McCall Mersey 1888–1901 1894
Hon Alexander McGregor[5] Hobart 1880–1896 1892
Hon William Moore[3] Russell 1877–1909 1891
Hon Alfred Page Macquarie 1887–1909 1896
Hon Frederick Piesse[4] Buckingham 1894–1901 1896
Hon Henry Rooke North Esk 1886–1901 1892
Hon George Salier[1] Hobart 1886–1892 1897
Hon John Watchorn Huon 1882–1905 1894


1 On 11 June 1892, George Salier, one of the three members for Hobart, died. Charles Henry Grant won the resulting by-election on 24 June 1892.
2 On 17 August 1892, the new Premier of Tasmania, Henry Dobson, appointed Sir Adye Douglas to the Ministry as Chief Secretary. As such he was required to resign and contest a ministerial by-election, and was returned unopposed on 26 August.
3 On 14 April 1894, the new Premier of Tasmania, Sir Philip Fysh, appointed William Moore to the Ministry as Chief Secretary. He resigned to contest a ministerial by-election, and was returned unopposed on 27 April.
4 On 14 April 1894, Sir Philip Fysh, the member for Buckingham, became Premier of Tasmania. Rather than contest his own seat at the ministerial by-election, Fysh transferred to the Legislative Assembly seat of North Hobart, which he won on 24 April, whilst Frederick Piesse, the former member for North Hobart, won the Buckingham seat in the Council by just four votes on 8 May 1894 against Dr Gamaliel Butler.
5 In April 1896, Alexander McGregor, one of the three members for Hobart, retired. Dr Gamaliel Butler won the resulting by-election on 6 May 1896.