Members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council, 2010–2014

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This is a list of members of the Tasmanian Legislative Council from 2010 to 2014. Terms of the Legislative Council do not coincide with House of Assembly elections, with members serving six-year terms, and two or three members facing re-election every year. The members have been categorised here according to the four-year terms of the House of Assembly so as to avoid the need for separate member lists for each year.

Name Party Electorate First elected Term expires
Hon Michael Aird 2 Australian Labor Party Derwent 1995 2011
Hon Rosemary Armitage 2 Independent Launceston 2011 2017
Hon Ivan Dean Independent Windermere 2003 2015
Hon Craig Farrell 2 Australian Labor Party Derwent 2011 2015
Hon Kerry Finch Independent Rosevears 2002 2014
Hon Ruth Forrest 2 Independent Murchison 2005 2017
Hon Mike Gaffney Independent Mersey 2009 2015
Hon Vanessa Goodwin Liberal Party of Australia Pembroke 2009 2019
Hon Greg Hall 3 Independent Western Tiers 2001 2018
Hon Paul Harriss Independent Huon 1996 2014
Hon Leonie Hiscutt Liberal Party of Australia Montgomery 2013 2019
Hon Tony Mulder 2 Independent Rumney 2011 2017
Hon Doug Parkinson 3 Australian Labor Party Hobart 1994 2012
Hon Tania Rattray 1 Independent Apsley 2004 2016
Hon Sue Smith Independent Montgomery 1997 2013
Hon Adriana Taylor 1 Independent Elwick 2010 2016
Hon Lin Thorp 2 Australian Labor Party Rumney 1999 2011
Hon Rob Valentine 3 Independent Hobart 2012 2018
Hon Jim Wilkinson Independent Nelson 1995 2019
Hon Don Wing 2 Independent Launceston 1982 2011
1 Apsley MLC Tania Rattray was re-elected unopposed at the 2010 periodic elections. Elwick MLC Terry Martin retired, and the election for his seat was won by Adriana Taylor.
2 Murchison MLC Ruth Forrest was re-elected unopposed at the 2011 periodic elections. Launceston MLC Don Wing retired and was replaced by fellow independent Rosemary Armitage, while Rumney Labor MLC Lin Thorp was defeated by independent candidate Tony Mulder. In a by-election held on the same day to replace Derwent MLC Labor Michael Aird, Labor candidate Craig Farrell was elected.
3 Western Tiers MLC Greg Hall was re-elected at the 2012 periodic elections. Hobart MLC Doug Parkinson retired, and the election for his seat was won by former Lord Mayor of Hobart Rob Valentine.
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