Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 1989–1993

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This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council between 22 May 1989 and 21 May 1993. This was the first membership of the Council to be elected under the multi-member electorate system established by the Acts Amendment (Electoral Reform) Act 1987 (No.40 of 1987) where members were selected by proportional representation within six regions.

Name Party Province Years in office
Diane Airey[4] Liberal South Metropolitan 1993
Joe Berinson Labor North Metropolitan 1980–1993
James Brown[2] Labor Agricultural 1980–1992
Tom Butler Labor East Metropolitan 1986–1995
John Caldwell National Agricultural 1986–1993
George Cash Liberal North Metropolitan 1989–2009
Kim Chance[2] Labor Agricultural 1992–2009
Eric Charlton National Agricultural 1984–1998
Cheryl Davenport Labor South Metropolitan 1989–2001
Reg Davies Liberal/Independent[1] North Metropolitan 1989–1997
Graham Edwards Labor North Metropolitan 1986–1997
Max Evans Liberal North Metropolitan 1986–2001
Valma Ferguson[3] Labor East Metropolitan 1993; 1995–1997
Peter Foss Liberal East Metropolitan 1989–2005
Clive Griffiths Liberal South Metropolitan 1965–1997
John Halden Labor South Metropolitan 1986–2000
Kay Hallahan[3] Labor East Metropolitan 1989–1993
Tom Helm Labor Mining and Pastoral 1986–2001
Barry House Liberal South West 1987–2017
Beryl Jones Labor South West 1986–1993
Garry Kelly Labor South Metropolitan 1982–1993
Phil Lockyer Liberal Mining and Pastoral 1980–1997
Margaret McAleer Liberal Agricultural 1974–1993
Fred McKenzie Labor East Metropolitan 1977–1993
Murray Montgomery National South West 1989–2001
Norman Moore Liberal Mining and Pastoral 1977–2013
Mark Nevill Labor Mining and Pastoral 1983–2001
Muriel Patterson Liberal South West 1989–2001
Phillip Pendal[4] Liberal South Metropolitan 1980–1993
Sam Piantadosi Labor North Metropolitan 1983–1996
Bob Pike Liberal North Metropolitan 1977–1983; 1989–1994
Tom Stephens Labor Mining and Pastoral 1982–2004
Bill Stretch Liberal South West 1983–2005
Bob Thomas Labor South West 1989–2001
Derrick Tomlinson Liberal East Metropolitan 1989–2005
Doug Wenn Labor South West 1986–1997
David Wordsworth Liberal Agricultural 1971–1993


1 On 10 July 1991, North Metropolitan MLC Reg Davies, elected as a Liberal, left the party and sat as an Independent.
2 On 3 March 1992, Agricultural Labor MLC James Brown resigned. Labor candidate Kim Chance was appointed to the resulting casual vacancy on 18 March 1992.
3 On 13 January 1993, East Metropolitan Labor MLC Kay Hallahan resigned to contest the seat of Armadale at the 1993 election. Labor candidate Valma Ferguson was elected by a countback on 2 February 1993 to fill the vacancy, but was not sworn in.
4 On 14 January 1993, South Metropolitan Liberal MLC Phillip Pendal resigned to contest the seat of South Perth at the 1993 election. Liberal candidate Diane Airey was elected by a countback on 2 February 1993 to fill the vacancy, but was not sworn in.
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