Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 2001–2005

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This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council between 22 May 2001 and 21 May 2005:

Name Party Province Years in office
Alan Cadby Liberal/Independent[1] North Metropolitan 2001–2005
George Cash Liberal North Metropolitan 1989–2009
Kim Chance Labor Agricultural 1992–2009
Robin Chapple Greens Mining and Pastoral 2001–2005; 2009–present
John Cowdell Labor South West 1993–2005
Murray Criddle National Agricultural 1993–2008
Ed Dermer Labor North Metropolitan 1996–2013
Bruce Donaldson Liberal Agricultural 1993–2009
Kate Doust Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Sue Ellery Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Paddy Embry One Nation / Ind. /
New Country[2]
South West 2001–2005
Adele Farina Labor South West 2001–present
John Fischer One Nation / Ind.[3] Mining and Pastoral 2001–2005
Jon Ford Labor Mining and Pastoral 2001–2013
Peter Foss Liberal East Metropolitan 1989–2005
Graham Giffard Labor North Metropolitan 2000–2008
Nick Griffiths Labor East Metropolitan 1993–2009
Ray Halligan Liberal North Metropolitan 1997–2009
Frank Hough One Nation / Ind. /
New Country[3]
Agricultural 2001–2005
Barry House Liberal South West 1987–2017
Kevin Leahy[4] Labor Mining and Pastoral 2004–2005
Lynn MacLaren[5] Greens South Metropolitan 2005; 2009–2017
Dee Margetts Greens Agricultural 2001–2005
Robyn McSweeney Liberal South West 2001–2017
Norman Moore Liberal Mining and Pastoral 1977–2013
Simon O'Brien Liberal South Metropolitan 1997–present
Louise Pratt Labor East Metropolitan 2001–2007
Ljiljanna Ravlich Labor East Metropolitan 1997–2015
Barbara Scott Liberal South Metropolitan 1993–2009
Jim Scott[5] Greens South Metropolitan 1993–2005
Dr Chrissy Sharp Greens South West 1997–2005
Tom Stephens[4] Labor Mining and Pastoral 1982–2004
Bill Stretch Liberal South West 1983–2005
Derrick Tomlinson Liberal East Metropolitan 1989–2005
Ken Travers Labor North Metropolitan 1997–2016
Giz Watson Greens North Metropolitan 1997–2013


1 North Metropolitan Liberal MLC Alan Cadby resigned to sit as an independent on 2 June 2004, after losing Liberal pre-selection to recontest his seat at the 2005 election.
2 South West MLC Paddy Embry was elected as a One Nation member, but resigned from the party on 15 May 2003 and sat as an independent. He later co-founded the New Country Party, and represented them in the Council towards the end of his term.
3 The two remaining One Nation members, John Fischer and Frank Hough, resigned from the party on 1 June 2004 and began serving as independents. Hough later co-founded the New Country Party with Paddy Embry, while Fischer chose to serve out his term as an independent.
4 Mining and Pastoral Labor MLC Tom Stephens resigned his seat on 28 September 2004 to contest the federal Kalgoorlie at the 2004 election, after the existing candidate died suddenly. Kevin Leahy served as a temporary replacement for the remainder of Stephens' term. Though Stephens failed to win the Kalgoorlie contest, he was instead elected to the Legislative Assembly as the member for Central Kimberley-Pilbara on 26 February 2005.
5 South Metropolitan Greens MLC Jim Scott resigned on 20 January 2005 to contest the Legislative Assembly seat of Fremantle at the February 2005 election. He was replaced by Lynn MacLaren for the last weeks of his term, and MacLaren contested the South Metropolitan seat in what had been Scott's place.