Members of the Western Australian Legislative Council, 2009–2013

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This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Council between 22 May 2009 and 21 May 2013:

Name Party Region Period in office
Hon Martin Aldridge3 National Agricultural 2013–present
Hon Ken Baston Liberal Mining and Pastoral 2005–present
Hon Liz Behjat Liberal North Metropolitan 2009–2017
Hon Matt Benson-Lidholm Labor Agricultural 2005–2013
Hon Helen Bullock Labor Mining and Pastoral 2009–2013
Hon Robin Chapple Greens Mining and Pastoral 2001–2005; 2009–present
Hon Jim Chown Liberal Agricultural 2009–present
Hon Peter Collier Liberal North Metropolitan 2005–present
Hon Mia Davies3 National Agricultural 2009–2013
Hon Ed Dermer Labor North Metropolitan 1996–2013
Hon Kate Doust Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Hon Wendy Duncan3 National Mining and Pastoral 2008–2013
Hon Phil Edman Liberal South Metropolitan 2009–2017
Hon Sue Ellery Labor South Metropolitan 2001–present
Hon Brian Ellis Liberal Agricultural 2007–2017
Hon Donna Faragher Liberal East Metropolitan 2005–present
Hon Adele Farina Labor South West 2001–present
Hon Jock Ferguson1 Labor East Metropolitan 2009–2010
Hon Jon Ford Labor Mining and Pastoral 2001–2013
Hon Philip Gardiner National/Independent 2 Agricultural 2009–2013
Hon Dave Grills3 National Mining and Pastoral 2013–2017
Hon Nick Goiran Liberal South Metropolitan 2009–present
Hon Nigel Hallett Liberal South West 2005–2017
Hon Alyssa Hayden Liberal East Metropolitan 2009–2017
Hon Colin Holt National South West 2009–present
Hon Barry House Liberal South West 1987–2017
Hon Lynn MacLaren Greens South Metropolitan 2005; 2009–2017
Hon Robyn McSweeney Liberal South West 2001–2017
Hon Michael Mischin Liberal North Metropolitan 2009–present
Hon Norman Moore Liberal Mining and Pastoral 1977–2013
Hon Helen Morton Liberal East Metropolitan 2005–2017
Hon Simon O'Brien Liberal South Metropolitan 1997–present
Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich Labor East Metropolitan 1997–2015
Hon Linda Savage1 Labor East Metropolitan 2010–2013
Hon Sally Talbot Labor South West 2005–present
Hon Ken Travers Labor North Metropolitan 1997–2016
Hon Max Trenorden National/Independent 2 Agricultural 2009–2013
Hon Giz Watson Greens North Metropolitan 1997–2013
Hon Alison Xamon Greens East Metropolitan 2009–2013; 2017–present
  1. ^ Labor East Metropolitan MLC Jock Ferguson died on 13 February 2010. Linda Savage was elected in a recount on 22 March 2010.
  2. ^ National Agricultural MLC Max Trenorden was defeated for party preselection in May 2012; fellow National Agricultural MLC Philip Gardiner, initially preselected, withdrew from the Nationals' ticket as a protest. Trenorden announced his candidacy for the next election as an independent in November 2012 and was joined by Gardiner in December.
  3. ^ National MLCs Mia Davies and Wendy Duncan resigned on 12 February 2013 to contest the Assembly seats of Central Wheatbelt and Kalgoorlie respectively. Martin Aldridge and Dave Grills were elected in recounts on 5 April 2013.
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