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Memel is the name for both a town and a river (the same river in the neighboring country has the name Nemunas/Neman River and Njemen in Belarus). Memel was derived from the Couronian-Latvian language: memelis, mimelis, mēms and means mute, silent. It may refer to:

  • Memel, a city in East Prussia, Germany, now Klaipėda, part of Lithuania
    • Memelburg, the Ordensburg in Memel, a castle built in 1252 by Teutonic Knights which was the nucleus for the city
    • Memel Territory (Memelland), the area separated from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, later called Klaipėda Region
    • Battle of Memel, a siege of the city, from late 1944 to early 1945.
  • Neman River (German Memel), part of a river in East Prussia, Germany, mentioned in the Deutschlandlied (1841) as the eastern border of Germany
  • Nemunėlis River (German Memele, Latvian Mēmele)
  • Memel, Free State, a village in the Free State Province of South Africa, named after the city
  • SS Memel, a German cargo ship in service 1934–45
  • The indigenous name of Goat Island