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Adperio is a mobile advertising agency based in Denver, Colorado.

Company history[edit]

Adperio was founded in 1994 as Memolink, an online loyalty program.[1] Memolink launched in September 1999, and rewarded members with points for visiting websites, shopping online, completing offers, playing trivia, and completing market research surveys. Points could be exchanged for rewards from many companies such as WalMart, PayPal,, or Best Buy.

The company diversified into a digital marketing agency, before receiving a takeover offer from Matomy Media in 2011 for $30M.[1] Matomy paid $2.25M for 15% of the company, and was given options over the remainder of the company, which were not exercised. Matomy sold its stake in 2017 for $2M.[2]

On July 10, 2017, Memolink announced that it would cease operations.

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