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Memon may refer to:

  • Memon people, a collection of ethnic groups from the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent. Memons come from the Lohana caste of Gujarat.
    • Memons from Kathiawar, usually simply called Memons that speaks Memoni Language, further divided into sub-group which is generally refer to their ancestral village or town
    • Sindhi Memons a related group native to Sindh, that speaks Sindhi
    • Kutchi Memons a group from Kutch that speaks Kutchi
    • Okhai Memons a group from Okha Port that speaks Memoni Language.
    • Jetpur Memons a group from Jetpur, Gujrat, India that speaks Memoni Language. Their Language is little different as compare to Okhai's and Kutchi's.
  • Memon language, spoken by Memons of Kathiwar,

gujrati memon

Geographical Areas Named Memon[edit]

People named Memon[edit]

  • Abdul Jalil Memon, Agriculturist by profession and an active politician from the District of Thatta, Province of Sindh, Pakistan
  • Nasrullah Memon, Pakistani first-class cricketer who plays for Hyderabad
  • Siddiq Memon, Pakistani businessman born in Karachi, Sindh. He is the current Chairman of Traders Action Committee Pakistan.
  • Nisar Memon (b. 1942), Pakistani politician
  • Tiger Memon (b. 1960), Indian gangster and terrorist
  • Yakub Memon (c. 1962-2015), Indian gangster
  • Saud Memon (c. 1961-2007), Pakistani businessman
  • Marvi Memon (b. 1972), Pakistani politician
  • Muhammad Umar Memon, Professor Emeritus of Urdu Literature and Arabic Studies
  • Sattar Memon, Associate Professor of Medicine emeritus at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island since 1996 and holds M.D. and F.A.C.P. degrees.
  • Shaikh Ibrahim Memon Madani, imam and Muslim scholar
  • Sharjeel Inam Memon, Pakistani politician, affiliated with Pakistan Peoples Party.
  • Jan Muhammad A. Memon, a medical professional and an educationist par excellence.
  • Sirajul Haq Memon, acclaimed Pakistani Sindhi language novelist, journalist, historian, scholar, linguist, story-writer, and advocate of the Supreme Court