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The ancestors of present-day Memons who settled a few centuries ago in various parts of the districts of India, particularly Kathiawar (now Saurashtra), commonly identified as simply Memons i.e.Vasavadi, Kodinar, Bantva, Dhoraji, Halari, Jamnagar, Jetpur, Gondal, Kutyyana, Manavadar sardagadh, Okhai, Upleta, Vanthali, Verawal Patan.[citation needed] Kathiawadi Memons are further divided into sub-group which is generally refer to their ancestral village or town such as Jetpur Memons, Kodinar Memons, Bantva Memons, Dhoraji Memons, Vasavad Memons

The language of Kathiawadi Memons is Memon, sometimes called Memoni.

The South African Memon community is largely descended from Memons who emigrated from Kathiawar in the early twentieth century.

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