Memons in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan Memon
Total population
7,000 - 10,000
Regions with significant populations
 Sri Lanka
Memoni, Tamil, Sinhalese
Related ethnic groups
Memons, Sri Lankan Moors, Sri Lankan Malays

The Memons in Sri Lanka arrived from Sindh (in modern Pakistan) in the 1870s. Sunni Muslim by origin, the Memon people are entrepreneurs who settled in Sri Lanka for business opportunities during the colonial period. Some of these people came to the country as far back as the Portuguese period;[citation needed] others arrived during the British period from various parts of India.[citation needed]


In late 1900, some Memon merchants - mainly from Kutiyana, Porbandar and Upleta - travelled to Ceylon (now day Sri Lanka) to trade. They imported textile goods from India and sold them locally.[citation needed]

After independence in 1947, Memons businessmen brought their families and settled permanently.[citation needed]

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