Memorial to Victims of Stalinist Repression

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Train of Pain - The Memorial to Victims of Stalinist repression
Monumentul deportaților (1).jpg
Coordinates47°01′32″N 28°49′39″E / 47.02562°N 28.82741°E / 47.02562; 28.82741Coordinates: 47°01′32″N 28°49′39″E / 47.02562°N 28.82741°E / 47.02562; 28.82741
DesignerIurie Platon
Length12 metres (39 ft)
Height2 metres (6.6 ft)
Beginning date2012
Completion date2013
Dedicated toVictims of Communism

The Train of Pain - Memorial to Victims of Stalinist Repression (Romanian: Trenul durerii - Monument în memoria victimelor represiunilor staliniste) is a monument in Chişinău, Moldova.[1] A temporary stone was unveiled in 1990 in Central Station Square commemorating the 1940-1951 mass deportations in Soviet Moldavia.[2] A permanent memorial was completed at the site in 2013. The sculptural element was assembled in Belarus.

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