Memories Off 3.5

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Memories Off 3.5
(Memorīzu Obu Furi Po'intu Fibu)
Genre Drama, Romance
Original video animation
Omoide no Kanate e
Inori no Todoku Toki
Directed by Toshikatsu Tokoro
Released 2004
Episodes 4
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Memories Off 3.5 is a double OVA series based on the third and fourth games of the Memories Off series: Omoide ni Kanata Kimi: Memories Off and Memories Off: Sorekara. The first two episodes centre on the events of ~You that became a Memory~ Memories Off, while the second two episodes centre on Memories Off ~And then~.

Memories Off 3.5: Omoide no Kanata e[edit]

The story takes time shortly after Omoide ni Kanata Kimi: Memories Off ended, where Cubic Cafe's manager dies in an accident while on a date with Kanata.

Memories Off 3.5: Inori no Todoku Toki[edit]

The OVA takes time shortly before the Story of Memories Off: Sorekara, where Inori has flashbacks on how she met Isshu.


Omoide no Kanata e[edit]


Neo Kashima (Neo Kashima?)
Kanata Kurosu (黒須 カナタ Kurosu Kanata?)
Tifu Kashima (Kashima Tifu?)
Hibiki Kodama (Kodama Hibiki?)
Tamaki Momose (Momose Tamaki?)
Hotaru Shirakawa (白河 ほたる Shirakawa Hotaru?)
Shizuru Shirakawa (白河 静流 Shirakawa Shizuru?)
Yue Imasaka (今坂 唯笑 Imasaka Yue?)
Shin Inaho (稲穂 信 Inaho Shin?)



Inori no Todoku Toki[edit]

Isshu Sagisawa (Sagisawa Isshu?)
Inori Misasagi (陵 いのり Misasagi Inori?)
Yukari Sagisawa (鷺沢 縁 Sagisawa Yukari?)
Miyabi Fujiwara (藤原 雅 Fujiwara Miyabi?)
Karin Hanamatsuri (花祭 果凛 Hanamatsuri Karin?)
Nonohara Haya (野乃原 葉夜 Haya Nonohara?)
Sayori Rikimaru (力丸 紗代里 Rikimaru Sayori?)
Shizuru Shirakawa (白河 静流 Shirakawa Shizuru?)
Hotaru Shirakawa (白河 ほたる Shirakawa Hotaru?)
Shin Inaho (稲穂 信 Inaho Shin?)
Ken Inami (伊波 健 Inami Ken?)


# Title Original sale date
01 "To the other side of the memories 1"
"Omoide no Kanata e 1"  
May 12, 2004
Kanata returns home in time for Tanaka's birthday, but her sudden appearance leads to problems between Shougo and Neo. After waiting for two hours for Tanaka to show up at his birthday party, the group learn that he and Kanata were involved in an accident... 
02 "To the other side of the memories 2"
"Omoide no Kanata e 2"  
Everyone is having a hard time after Tanaka's death. Neo worries that Shougo might choose Kanata over her, but is persuaded to keep fighting by Tifu, as Shougo is given advice from Yue. At Christmas, Shougo makes his true feelings known, and Kanata departs for America. 
03 "The time when prayers are answered 1"
"Inori no Todoku Toki 1"  
Inori invites Isshu to the upcoming festival so they can watch the fireworks together, but he declines due to work. She attends the festival alone and goes to the church, reminiscing about their relationship. 
04 "The time when prayers are answered 2"
"Inori no Todoku Toki 2"  
Inori continues to reminisce about her and Isshu's relationship, worrying that he doesn't truly love her. After Nonohara and Shizuru persuade him to go to her, Isshu and Inori watch the fireworks together. 


The OVA used two theme songs: the opening is "Dry Words, Dry Maker" by Masumi Asano and the ending is "Shining Star" by Ayumi Murata.


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