Memories of Murder (1990 film)

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Memories of Murder
Memories of a Murder.jpg
VHS and DVD cover
Genre Action
Written by John Harrison
Nevin Schreiner
Directed by Robert Lewis[1]
Starring Nancy Allen
Robin Thomas
Theme music composer Joseph Conlan
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Robert Michael Lewis
Editor(s) Brian Q. Kelley
Running time 104 minutes
Distributor Viacom Productions
Original network Lifetime Television Network
Original release July 31, 1990

Memories of Murder (also known as Passing through Veils[2]) is a 1990 action–crime television film starring Nancy Allen, directed by Robert Lewis[3][4] and written by John Harrison.

Memories of Murder is the first of many original films that would be produced for the Lifetime Television Network,[5][6] and, due to its popularity, would subsequently be released on VHS and DVD on July 31, 1990. Actress Vanity co-stars.[7][8][1] The film was shot in British Columbia.


Jennifer (Nancy Allen) is a woman who is suffering from amnesia to the extent that she does not even recognize her husband and daughter. Extremely confused and tormented, she desperately seeks to piece together her life and, in doing so, stumbles upon some startling secrets from her shadowy past. She discovers that a female killer connected to her from her earlier life is intent on stalking her and seeking revenge by killing her and her family.


Critical reception[edit]

Chris Willman of the Los Angeles Times called the film "amazingly pedestrian" in terms of its mystery.[9] Daniel Ruth of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote that he "couldn't keep track" of what was happening in the plot.[10] Ken Tucker of the Entertainment Weekly gave it a "D" grade, saying, "Memories of Murder is full of romance-novel dialogue".[8]


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