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"Memories of You" is a popular song with lyrics written by Andy Razaf and music composed by Eubie Blake and published in 1930.

Song history[edit]

The song was introduced by singer Minto Cato in the Broadway show Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1930. A 1930 version recorded by Louis Armstrong featuring Lionel Hampton is the first known use of the vibraphone in popular music.

A version of the song recorded by The Four Coins from the biopic The Benny Goodman Story reached #22 on the Billboard magazine chart in 1955. Doc Severinsen and the NBC Orchestra performed a moving, melancholy instrumental version on the final airing of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, May 22, 1992. The song played over a five-minute "scrapbook" tribute montage showing brief silent clips of some of Carson's favorite guests - seen interacting with the host through the years.

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