Memories of the Sword

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Memories of the Sword
Memories of the Sword.jpg
Theatrical poster
Hangul협녀: 칼의 기억
Hanja: 칼의
Revised RomanizationHyeomnyeo: Kar-ui gi-eok
Directed byPark Heung-sik
Produced byKim Hyun-chul
Written byPark Heung-sik
Choi A-reum
StarringLee Byung-hun
Jeon Do-yeon
Kim Go-eun
Music byMowg
Distributed byLotte Entertainment (South Korea)
Well Go USA (USA)
Release date
  • August 13, 2015 (2015-08-13) (South Korea)
  • August 28, 2015 (2015-08-28) (United States)
Running time
121 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Budget₩10 billion

Memories of the Sword (Hangul협녀: 칼의 기억; Hanja俠女: 칼의 記憶; RRHyeomnyeo: Kar-ui gi-eok; lit. "Female Warrior: Memories of the Sword") is a 2015 South Korean martial arts/romance period drama co-written and directed by Park Heung-sik, starring Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]


This is a story of three swordsmen, Poong-cheon, Seol-rang, and Deok-gi, who led an uprising during the Goryeo era. When their desire for freedom and justice is about to be fulfilled, Deok-gi betrays them, leading to the death of Poong-cheon, and to Seol-rang disappearing along with Poong-cheon's infant daughter Hong-ee. When Seol-rang leaves, Deok-gi intones the prophecy that "You, no, not just you, but you and I both will be killed by Hong-ee."

Eighteen years later, Seol-rang, now called Wallso, is a blind woman with two children who manages a tea house at Byukran port. Determined to take revenge on Deok-gi, Wallso tries to teach Hong-ee to become a master of the sword, but Hong-ee (who changed her name to Seol-hee) is much more interested in day-to-day affairs than what happened to her father in the past.

One day, a big sword match hosted by the powerful military ruler Deok-gi (now known as Yoo-baek) is held in the market. Seol-hee participates in the match despite Wallso's objections. As the match progresses, she ends up fighting Yull, who is the master of the sword.

Yoo-baek realizes that Seol-hee's skill with the sword is similar to Seol-rang's, whom he had once loved. Yoo-baek orders his subordinates to catch Seol-hee, but she is able to run away. That same night, Seol-hee learns how her father, Poong-cheon died. Wallso tells her that there are two enemies that Seol-hee is destined to vanquish: Yoo-baek, and Wallso herself. Shocked and desperate, Seol-hee leaves home: the beginning of a long journey of revenge.



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