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The Memphis City Council is a legislative body of Memphis, Tennessee. The city is governed by Mayor Jim Strickland and thirteen city council members.

Memphis City Council consists of thirteen members, seven of whom are elected from districts with one representative each, and six of whom are elected from "super districts" with three representatives each.[1] The Metro City Council committees meet on every first and third Tuesday of every month.[2]

The first city council took office in 1968, after the modern city charter had been approved by Memphis voters in a 1966 referendum. The 1966 charter set the salary for council members at $6,000, which was later raised to $20,100 in 1995, and later raised again to the current amount of $30,100. The 1966 charter provided for run-off elections when no candidate got a majority of the vote, but a federal judge overruled that section of the charter in 1991.[3]

In 1995, the council adopted a new district plan which changed council positions to all districts. This plan provides for nine districts, seven with one representative each and two districts with three representatives each. In 2010, the council approved a new redistricting plan to reflect recent demographic shifts.[4]

Current members[edit]

District Name
District 1 Bill Morrison
District 2 Frank Colvett, Jr.
District 3 Patrice Robinson
District 4 Jamita Swearengen
District 5 Worth Morgan
District 6 Edmund Ford, Jr.
District 7 Berlin Boyd
Super District 8, Position 1 Joe Brown
Super District 8, Position 2 Janis Fullilove
Super District 8, Position 3 Martavius D. Jones
Super District 9, Position 1 Kemp Conrad
Super District 9, Position 2 Philip Spinosa, Jr.
Super District 9, Position 3 Reid Hedgepeth


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