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Memphis Pom is a collegiate dance team from the University of Memphis. The team has won 14 national titles.


Cheri Ganong-Robinson, who began her career in 1975, is the first known coach of the Memphis Pom Squad. [1] Ganong was a member of the squad while a student at the University of Memphis and coached for 29 years until her retirement in 2004. She is known as the coach that started the dynasty and led the squad to its first 10 National Titles. On April 26, 2004, Ganong-Robinson resigned and Carol Lloyd accepted responsibilities and position as head coach of the squad. Lloyd had also been a member of the squad while a student. As of September 2011, Lloyd remains the current coach. She is also the coach of the University of Memphis All Girl cheer team.

From 1989 to 1998, the team competed in the Universal Dance Association (UDA) National College Championship. In 1999 the team switched to competing in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National College Championship. The team returned to the UDA in 2007.

The team has also participated in touring productions worldwide, and once appeared in an NFL Monday Night Football commercial with Hank Williams Jr. in 1992

Sporting events[edit]

In addition to dance competitions, the team also performs and University of Memphis sporting events. The team has performed at football, men's and women's basketball, soccer, volleyball, and Baseball games, sometimes performing alone, and sometimes performing with the All-Girl and Co-Ed cheerleading squads.[1]


The Memphis Pom Squad holds 14 national titles: 13 from the UDA National College Championship (1989–1998), and 1 from the NCA National College Championship. They just recently won their 14th title with back to back 1st-place finishes in the Hip-Hop Division at the 2012 UDA National College Dance Team Championship.

The 1992 Pom squad was inducted into the 1993 Tennessee Sport Hall of Fame as "Team of the Year".

Featured and interviewed in the 2011 October issue of Dance Spirit Magazine about what it takes to be part of a college dance/pom team.[2]


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