Memphis Roller Derby

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Memphis Roller Derby
League logo
Metro area Memphis, Tennessee
Country United States
Founded 2006
Teams Memphis Hustlin' Rollers (WFTDA Travel Team)
Blues City Bombers
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Pipkin Building, MidSouth Fairgrounds, Memphis, TN
Affiliations WFTDA

Memphis Roller Derby, or MRD, is a women's flat-track roller derby league based in Memphis, Tennessee. The league was founded in 2004. Memphis Roller Derby is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).


The Memphis Roller Derby league is composed of three home teams: Women of Mass Destruction, Angels of Death, and the PrissKilla Prezleys. All-stars from those teams form the all star travel team, the Memphis Hustlin' Rollers, which competes against other travel teams from other cities. See more about our teams [1].



After a measurable dip in proficiency in the past 2 years, The Hustlin' Rollers were out of the gate strong in 2013 with an early win against Magnolia Roller Vixens but had a lackluster mid-season drop after losing to Gold Coast Derby Grrls, Duke City Roller Derby, and Dallas Derby Devils in the annual Clover Cup tournament. Memphis went on to defeat Springfield Roller Girls later in the season and secured a repeat tournament win at the annual Honky Tonk Stomp. Keeping fire under their momentum, a late season re-match with Dallas resulted in a nail-biting loss for Memphis by only 2 points. Dallas went on to compete at the WFTDA Division 2 tournament. Memphis Roller Derby continually hovered around #16 in the South Central Region but when WFTDA changed its ranking system to a divisional ranking system in 2013, MRD entered as Division 2 ranked at #77. [1]

The Women of Mass Destruction went on to set a new league record by winning the interleague championships for the fourth year in a row against the Prisskilla Prezleys.

Due to the excellent momentum in 2013, things for 2014 look very bright for the skaters of Memphis Roller Derby.


The Hustlin' Rollers took some early hard losses against The Oklahoma Victory Dolls and St. Louis' Arch Rival Roller Girls. Later in the season, The Hustlin' Rollers brought home victory in the annual Honky Tonk Stomp and resumed their reign as Tennessee State Champions.

For a three-peat, The Women of Mass Destruction took home the interleague championship trophy over the Prisskilla Prezleys.


In 2011, The Hustlin' Rollers traveled to Tulsa, OK, Huntsville, AL, and Knoxville, TN for their away games and tournaments, including the Honky Tonk Stomp; Tennessee's statewide roller derby tournament. 2011 was a re-building year for Memphis.

For the second year in a row, The Women of Mass Destruction won the interleague championships over the Prisskilla Prezleys.


After a tough year of losing and gaining players on the Memphis Hustlin' Rollers, they went to the South Central Regional Tournament that was held in Lincoln, Nebraska. They went in as the bottom seed, and finished placing 10th in their region. The played Houston, Dallas, and Knoxville to end their 2010 season at regionals.

For the first time ever the Women of Mass Destruction (home team) won this year's interleague championships against the undefeated Angels of Death (who won the past three championships).


This was the first year that MHR was eligible to go to regionals. The South Central Tournament was in Atlanta, Georgia this year. They went in ranked number 10, but left ranked 9th after beating West Texas.

The Angels of Death, (home team), and the defending champions, won this year's interleague championship game over the girls in green, the Women of Mass Destruction.


The Hustlin' Rollers weren't accepted into the WFTDA organization until Fall of 2008. They went undefeated 13−0 this year.

The Angels of Death would dominate this year's interleague championship again, over the Women of Mass Destruction.


The Hustlin' Rollers (travel team) won their first game ever this year 83−58 over New Orleans's Big Easy Roller Girls.

For the home team championship game, it would go to the Angels of Death defeating the Women of Mass Destruction.


In January 2006 Sam Red had the idea to start roller derby in Memphis thanks to a co-worker that brought her attention to A&E's reality TV show Rollergirls. Red immediately called one of her friends, Jen Hughes, who took on the business aspect of it. Next on Red's list was Vicki Lassiter. She took a little more convincing but then she was in, too. After the three ladies plastered the city and the Internet with fliers they were ready to hold a tryout. Three weeks after the original idea they had tryouts at Skateland Raleigh, where they had a mob of ladies show up. The result was the formation of 4 home teams; The Legion of Zoom ( disbanded after 2008 season ), Angels of Death, Prisskilla Presleys, and Women of Mass Destruction.

Season Q4 ranking[2] Regionals Championship
2009 9 10[3] DNQ
2010 10 9[4] DNQ
2011 16 DNQ DNQ


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