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The Men's Roller Derby World Cup is an international tournament in the sport of men's roller derby. The first World Cup was held between 14–16 March 2014 in Birmingham, England.[1][2] The event has since been held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in July 2016, and Barcelona, Spain on April 5–8, 2018[3] The next tournament is to be hosted in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on 9-12 July, 2020.[4]

The tournament is endorsed by the Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA), and is held under the rules of Flat Track Roller Derby developed by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, as used for all MRDA bouts.[5]

2014 World Cup[edit]

Men's Roller Derby World Cup
Host cityBirmingham
Nations participating15 countries
DatesMarch 14, 2014 (2014-03-14)
March 16, 2014 (2014-03-16)
Main venueFutsal Arena

Participating countries[edit]

Countries sending teams to compete in the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup

Fifteen countries competed in the first tournament:[6] Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, USA, and Wales.[7] Two other teams, including New Zealand, applied to enter and received invitations, but withdrew before the tournament started.[8]

Derby News Network described Team USA as "...clearly the hot favourites to win the World Cup", but noted that the European teams had the most competitive experience, having competed in the two Battle of the Beasts tournaments.[7] Team USA beat Team England in the final by 260 points to 71.[9][10]

Teams held tryouts during 2013 and could send a roster of up to twenty skaters. The participating countries were:

Country Leagues sending skaters[7]
Team Argentina Buenos Aires Conspiracy, Harm City Homicide, Rayo Naranja, ThunderQuads Roller Derby
The Wizards of Aus [Australia] Brisbane City Rollers, Light City Derby, Perth Men's Derby, Sydney City SMASH, Tasmania Men's Derby, Tweed Valley Rollers, Victorian Vanguard
Team Belgium De Kevins, The Mons'ter Munch Derby Dudes
Team Canada Glenmore Reservoir Dogs, Montreal Mont Royals, Ottawa Slaughter Squad, Red Deer Dreadnaughts, River City Riot, Vancouver Murder
Team England Crash Test Brummies, Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder, Manchester Roller Derby, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, The Inhuman League, Tyne and Fear
Team Finland Tampere Rollin' Bros, Unaffiliated skaters
Team France Brain Damage, Kamiquadz, Orcet, Panam Squad, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, Toulouse Quad Guards, Zombeers
Team Germany Delta Quads, Hot Outstanding Super Sailor Allstars, South German Men's Roller Derby
All-Ireland Belfast Men's Roller Derby, Drive-by City Rollers, Dublin Capital Offence, Manchester Roller Derby, Pig Town Boys, Plymouth City Roller Girls, St. Louis GateKeepers, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Ninjapan Rollers (Japan) Unaffiliated skaters (ex-Roller Games)
Team Netherlands Amsterdam Derby Dames, Arnhem Airbomb Rollers, Breda Suckcity Rollers, Crash Test Brummies, Eastside RocknRollers, Eindhoven Bruisers, Gronigen Roaring Thunder, Heerlen Pink Peril, Karlsruhe RockArollers, Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder, Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Power of Scotland Bairn City Rollers, Capital City Roller Derby, Granite City Brawlermen, Mean City Roller Derby, Milton Keynes Roller Derby, Tyne and Fear, The Jakey Bites
Team Sweden Gothenburg Salty Seamen, Luleå, Malmö Royals, Västerås
Team USA Cincinnati Battering Rams, Dallas Deception, Magic City Misfits, Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby, New York Shock Exchange, Puget Sound Outcasts, St. Louis GateKeepers, Your Mom Men's Derby
Team Wales Milton Keynes Roller Derby, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, South Wales Silures



16 March 2014 England 227-112 France
16 March 2014 USA 307-127 Canada


16 March 2014 USA 260-71 England

Final rankings (2014)[edit]

The final rankings released after the Men's Roller Derby World Cup 2014 are as follows:[11]

Rank Team
1st Team USA
2nd Team England
3rd Team Canada
4th Team France
5th Wizards of Aus
6th Team Wales
=7th Power of Scotland
=7th Team Argentina
9th Team Finland
10th All-Ireland
=11th Team Netherlands
=11th Team Germany
13th Team Belgium
14th Team Sweden
15th Ninjapan Rollers

2016 World Cup[edit]

In 2015 The organisers of the Men's Roller Derby World Cup announced that the next World Cup would be held in July 2016, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.[12]

Final rankings (2016)[edit]

The final rankings released after the Men's Roller Derby World Cup 2016 are as follows:[13]

Rank Team
1st USA
2nd England
3rd Australia
4th Canada
5th France
6th Argentina
7th Wales
8th Finland
9th Mexico
10th Scotland
11th Sweden
12th Belgium
13th Ireland
14th Germany
15th Italy
16th Puerto Rico
17th Japan
18th Chile
19th Spain
20th The Netherlands

2018 World Cup[edit]

24 nations took part in the 2018 MRDWC in Barcelona Spain, up by 4 teams from 2016.

Final rankings (2018)[edit]

Rank Team
1st USA
2nd England
3rd Australia
4th France
5th Canada
6th Mexico
7th Argentina
8th Wales
9th Scotland
10th Finland
11th Belgium
12th Spain
13th Sweden
14th Ireland
15th Germany
16th The Netherlands
17th Chile
18th Italy
19th Japan
20th New Zealand
21st Colombia
22nd Denmark
23rd Philippines
24th Poland


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