Men I Trust

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Men I Trust
Men I Trust 02 28 2019 -1 (32317871477).jpg
(LR) Jessy Caron, Emma Proulx, and Dragos Chiriac performing in 2019
Background information
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Years active2014–present
  • Jessy Caron
  • Dragos Chiriac
  • Emma Proulx

Men I Trust is a Canadian indie pop band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2014, the band consists of bassist Jessy Caron, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dragos Chiriac, and lead vocalist and guitarist Emma Proulx. The group has self-released all of their music.


Men I Trust was founded in 2014 by high school friends Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac, who reunited in the music department at Université Laval.[1] They were later joined by Emma Proulx, a singer and guitarist.[2] They released a self-titled EP in 2014 and later performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Quebec City Summer Festival, and M for Montreal. They released the album Headroom in 2015.[3] The band toured in China, playing shows in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.[2] In 2017 Men I Trust released the single "I Hope To Be Around" with an accompanying music video.[4] In 2018, they released the single "Show Me How" along with a self-directed[5] music video.[6][7] In 2018, they embarked on a North American tour.[5] They performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 14 and 21, 2019.[8] They also performed at Lollapalooza on August 3rd, 2019[9].

They released the album Oncle Jazz on September 13 in 2019.[10] In a conversation with writer Nick Fulton for the music publication Billboard, the band noted that the green, solitary confines of rural Québéc were influential in shaping how the album sounded. "It put us in a really different creative mood and we were able to focus more, because there’s nothing to do outside of the house except for walking and thinking about music,” said singer and guitarist Emma Proulx.[11]


NPR called Men I Trust an electro-pop band,[12] Our Culture Mag describes the band as indie,[4] and online music publication The Fader described their style as dream pop.[7]

Band members[edit]

  • Jessy Caron - bassist, guitarist[13][2]
  • Dragos Chiriac - keyboardist, producer[2]
  • Emma Proulx - singer, guitarist[2] Emma also has a solo project called Bernache.[5]



  • Men I Trust (2014)
  • Headroom (2015)
  • 4 ever live (2018)
  • Oncle Jazz (2019)


  • Humming Man (2016)
  • Lauren (2016)
  • Plain View (2016)
  • You Deserve This (2017)
  • Tailwhip (2017)
  • I Hope To Be Around (2017)
  • Show Me How (2018)
  • Seven (2018)
  • Say, Can You Hear (2018)
  • Numb (2019)
  • Norton Commander (All We Need) (2019)


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